How to Clean Dental Retainers

Do You Clean Your Retainers? 

Retainers are appliances usually made of plastic or metal wires which are used to hold the teeth on their positions after undergoing an orthodontic treatment or surgery. 

Most of the methods in realigning teeth requires the patients to wear retainers hence it is of great importance that patients, whether adults or teens, should learn how to clean their own retainers.

In order to clean retainers properly, you should first rinse your retainers with warm or cold water in order to get rid of food residue left in the appliances. Do not use hot water when rinsing your retainers as this may cause the plastic to shrink. Next, place the retainer in a container or cup where it can be fully submerged. Fill the container with vinegar and let it sit for at least two to five minutes. After doing so, take out the retainer and gently brush it with your toothbrush in order to remove tartar build up.Retainers

Other methods of cleaning retainers can also be prescribed by your orthodontist. If a certain cleanser is recommended, then use it to clean your retainer and follow the instructions provided. You can follow the steps above using the cleaning agent provided instead of vinegar. If the retainers are still dirty, then feel free to repeat the steps however be very careful especially when brushing since this can scratch your retainers.

How Often do they need to be cleaned? 

Cleaning your retainers should be done at least once a day in order to keep it clean, fresh, and odor-free. Bacteria build-up may cause your teeth to degrade quickly so make sure your appliances are cleaned daily. If you are removing your retainers before eating, always rinse it with warm water to avoid saliva and bacteria build-up. If your retainers have an unpleasant odor, try using baking soda when cleaning in order to neutralize odours. After completing the steps above, you can gently dry your retainers using a clean towel.

Lastly, be careful when using mouthwash as some of them have alcohol which can cause certain types of plastic to break easily and crack. The tips and steps above should be able to help you a lot if followed strictly. Since replacing your retainers can cause you much, the guidelines aforementioned can help you avoid spending more money, time and effort.

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How to clean Dental Retainers


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