You’ll find that life is still worthwhile, if you just smile. ― Charles Chaplin

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Smiling is important for your reputation with other people and your own feelings about yourself. Sometimes people with crooked teeth don’t smile because they’d rather look serious than show their teeth. The problem with this is that people who never smile have a harder time making friends and may even have more difficulties with work relationships. If you or your child avoids smiling because of crooked teeth, it may be time to consider getting braces.

Why See Our Manhattan Beach Braces Specialist?

Having your teeth straightened by our orthodontist is:

• Effective

• Economical

• Embarrassment Free

Today, people of all ages get braces, so if you are a teen or adult there is no need to feel awkward about wearing them. The brackets are smaller than ever before, and different types are available that can allow you to have brackets or wires that are even smaller, clear or in different colors.

There is no better way to fully correct malocclusion (a bad bite) and crooked teeth than with braces, and they are among the most economical orthodontic options available. In fact, traditional metal orthodontia is usually the least expensive type of orthodontic treatment.

If you live in or near Manhattan Beach braces treatment can be completed in one or two years on average. That amount of time is nothing compared to the lifetime of happiness you can have from having beautiful, straight teeth that will make you proud to smile.

What You May be Missing if You Are Not Smiling Enough


If you are tired of not smiling, or if you see your child or teenager covering their teeth and suffering from embarrassment, call our office now to set up a consultation appointment. Our orthodontist is ready to help you to improve your oral health and self-confidence by giving you a healthy and beautiful smile.


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