Why Should You Keep Your Braces On?


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Braces are a popular solution to teeth alignment issues. They are one of the top correction methods that orthodontists look to when they see misalignment an occlusion. Corrective brackets can fix a number of problems. Some of the top problems that they can solve are crowding, gaps, overbites, under bites, cross bites and more. The devices can be 100 percent effective so long as the patient comes in for regular adjustments. That person must also wear the devices as long as the dentist tells him or her to wear them. Furthermore, the patient must adhere to any recommended aftercare.

Why Should You Keep Your Braces On?

Orthodontic treatment is personalized and specialized treatment that a caring provider takes the time to develop. This person is highly skilled in creating plans that will fit each patient perfectly. The specialist has years of study and has seen an extensive number of problems in the mouths of patients. A patient should trust the orthodontist’s word and wear the corrective devices for the amount of time that he or she recommends. Taking them off early can result in weak foundations and backsliding. Straightened teeth can revert to their old positions if the patient does not take care of them properly.

How Will You Know if You Need Corrective Devices?

The orthodontics process is fairly simple. It begins with a conversation between the patient and the specialist. The specialist will ask the patient questions about his or her history and any dental problems that have emerged over the years. Next, someone from the office will take a series of X-rays so the specialist can look at the patient’s mouth. He or she will want to look closely at the bones and the gums to come up with a viable plan for teeth correction.

The specialist will let the patient know what the best treatment plan is. Some people may be eligible to wear only a retainer while others will need a full set of braces in their mouths. The orthodontist will always try to choose the most effective option for the person who wants to restore the straightness of his or her smile. The X-rays and the physical examination will give the specialist a clear picture of the direction in which the teeth are going. The specialist may have to remove some teeth so that the patient’s bite will be perfect at the end of treatment.

How Long Will You Have to Wear Corrective Devices?

Treatment can last for several months or several years. The length of orthodontic treatment depends on the severity of the problem and the corrective method the patient chooses. A person can select Invisalign treatment and be finished wearing the devices in less than one year. A different patient may choose traditional metal brackets, and that person may have to wear the devices for two to three years. The patient may have to wear a retainer for an additional one to five years. Alignment care specialists focus mainly on the patient’s desires and well-being. They listen to whether the patient cares mostly about discretion, cost or effectiveness. They create tailored treatment plans with that information.

What Types of Corrective Devices Are Available?

Manhattan Beach Orthodontics has a number of solutions available for its patients aside from the traditional frontal metal bracket devices. Lingual devices are metal contraptions that go behind the teeth. They are sturdy units that patients sometimes choose because they prefer discretion. In-Ovation devices are corrective devices that are self-ligating. Patient can benefit from these devices because they do not require elastic bands or metal ties. They tighten themselves, which allows the patient to have fewer office visits and a cleaner mouth. Self-ligating units can be standard or clear.

WildSmiles is a special line of fun corrective devices for children. The WildSmiles line has an assortment of exciting and vibrant colors and styles. The purpose of the line is to show children that they can be cool during the course of their treatment. The devices help to build their self-esteem so that they will be confident as their teeth are adjusting to perfection. Children and parents can choose colored brackets that reflect their desires.


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Why Should You Keep Your Braces On?

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