Whiten Your Teeth

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Words of Wisdom No.10: “Conceal with Color

There are a lot of ways to make your teeth whiter. Using baking soda once a week in order to remove stains in one of the most commonly known techniques. Other techniques include the use of apple cider vinegar as it serves the same purpose with baking soda. For those who don’t want to use natural remedies, you can always consult your orthodontist for a good bleaching agent.

While the steps above take time before you could see the results, there are some other ways to get immediate results. Among them is the use of tricks. Although it doesn’t whiten your teeth directly, it gives you an illusion of whiter teeth. Good news is that ladies can always have this secret ingredient in their bags. Bad news is that this trick is only applicable for ladies.

Ladies should choose a medium coral or light red lipstick and apply daily. If you conceal the color of your lips, your teeth might look whiter if you know which color to choose. You should avoid using light-colored lipstick as it tends to bring out the yellowish color of your teeth. So if you want to make your teeth look whiter immediately, then use medium to dark shades.

This lipstick trick works daily but it doesn’t mean you’re going to stop doing everything you could in order to make your teeth whiter. It is always a better option if you can apply the permanent solution rather than just the band aid solution.

Dr Panucci specializes in teeth whitening using the latest technologies including Opalescense and Treswhite, contact us today for a free consultation.

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Whiten Your Teeth

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