We always have time for you

At our Manhattan Beach Orthodontics office, Dr. Panucci will personally check every active patient at each appointment. We choose to schedule fewer patients each day than the average orthodontist so that Dr. Panucci and her team can spend more time with every patient. Quality time is our goal for each patient experience.

Your time is most valuable

We don’t overbook our patients, this means that you spend less time waiting and more time being treated by Dr. Panucci and her experienced staff. We can perform more procedures per appointment, which is why more than 95% of our patients get their braces off on time or earlier!

We care about you

Your wishes and concerns are the central focus of everything that we do here at Beach Braces. We will provide you and your family dentist with a clear explanation of your treatment plan. Dr. Panucci is highly connected to the South Bay dental community, and because of this, she treats many interdisciplinary cases. We extend a “care call” after every long procedure to check in on your progress. If needed, we can email you a report about your child’s appointment if you are not able to accompany them every time.

Emergency coverage

We have a 24 hour/7 days a week emergency on-call service available for our patients and families to contact us. Calls are returned by Dr. Panucci or by one our friendly, compassionate team members (who have over 35 years of combined orthodontic experience). Our website is always available with valuable information for any orthodontic concerns.

Many treatment options

Invisalign Elite 2016 - Manhattan Beach CADr. Panucci will explore all viable treatment options with you to meet your orthodontic needs. It is completely up to you to choose either a limited scope of treatment or the most comprehensive orthodontic treatment. Dr. Panucci is a Premier Provider for Invisalign and is the #1 provider for lingual “MTM NoTrace” braces in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. She is also recognized as a member of the Schulman Study group (who comprise the top 1% of orthodontists in the US and Canada.

Flexible Treatment financing

All treatment fees are explained clearly up front with no “hidden charges.” Many financial arrangements are available. We submit insurance claims on your behalf in a professional and timely manner. Our financial staff is experienced in flexible spending and health savings accounts, to ensure that you receive the greatest pre-tax savings.

Attractive office environment

We have a state-of-the-art facility, including digital equipment and hospital sterilization, to create a clean, safe and comfortable environment for you. We cater to patients of ALL ages and our office was designed with that in mind. We have complimentary parking and we are conveniently located to most schools in the area.

Beach Braces uses the latest in technology to reduce treatment time, reduce the number of office visits, and make the process more comfortable

In-OvationC - self ligating bracesWe use low friction braces to help speed treatment and reduce discomfort

We use temporary anchorage devices (TADs) to reduce or eliminate unwanted side effects which could lengthen treatment. In some cases TADs can eliminate the need for headgears and long term rubber band usage.

Indirect Bonding Procedure

We use a more accurate way of placing braces on the teeth. This method reduces the time the patient has to sit in the chair with their mouth open and can reduce overall treatment time.

orthodontic laser - Manhattan Beach CA

Dr. Panucci has a soft tissue laser that allows her to expose gum-covered teeth in order to place braces on sooner and speed up treatment.

She also uses this laser to enhance the gum line after braces are removed.  There are many other uses for the laser. Patients are surprised when we tell that the laser does NOT hurt and the patient does not need any shots of anesthesia for treatment.


We receive many unsolicited testimonials from our patients, click here to read what others are saying about Dr. Panucci and their Beach Braces experience.

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Patricia J. Panucci DmD, MS is a Specialist in Orthodontics For Children and Adults in Southern California.

What Sets us Apart?