Top 5 Family Restaurants in Manhattan Beach

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If you live in Manhattan Beach, California, you know that there is a lot to do. There are lots of options in terms of restaurants, for example. The following is a list of the top 5 family restaurants in Manhattan Beach.

1. The Kettle is known for its great service, as well as its great food. It is welcoming to everyone in the family, including children.

2. The Manhattan Beach Creamery is not a restaurant per se, but they have delicious ice cream and ice cream based treats that the entire family will love.

3. Mama D’s Italian Kitchen has amazing pizza and other Italian dishes that are cooked just as they would be in an authentic Italian kitchen.

4. Pancho’s Kitchen is a family-friendly Mexican restaurant with a large selection of dishes everyone will love.

5. Four Daughters Kitchen known for its great food in terms of classic favorites, and they have spacious outdoor seating and free wifi as well.

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