The surplus of the heart overflows from a smile ― Charles de Leusse

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When your heart is overflowing with love, it is easy to smile just like Charles de Leusse. However, if you feel that your smile is unattractive, then it is time to request an appointment with an orthodontist. You are never too old to wear braces to repair malocclusions of the teeth, and there are new devices that work quickly. When you have slightly crooked teeth, it is possible to wear aligners for six months to a year to see an improvement in a smile. For wide gaps between teeth, you are going to need traditional metal and wire devices instead.

Modern Diagnostic Techniques

The only way to know the type of braces required is by scheduling an examination with a knowledgeable orthodontist who uses state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose problems with the jaw or teeth. Computer imaging techniques at modern orthodontic facilities makes it easy to determine if you need to have your oral cavity enlarged with a jaw expander or if you are ready for customized Invisalign aligners. If you need traditional braces, then it is possible to have color-matching brackets that make the devices almost invisible to everyone else. The most important part of wearing orthodontic devices is not delaying treatment no matter what your age.

Call an Orthodontist

The residents of California are fortunate because they can visit Manhattan Beach Braces where Dr. Patricia J. Panucci offers personalized consultations for patients of any age who want to improve the appearance of their teeth. She might suggest that you or a child wear these types of orthodontic devices:

• Self-ligating – requires fewer office visits
• Aligners – easy to remove for daily oral hygiene
• Metal brackets – an affordable option for straightening teeth
• Ceramic – color-matching brackets to reduce embarrassment

Call Manhattan Beach Braces today at 310-379-0006, or schedule an appointment for children, teenagers or adults.

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