Teeth-friendly Fruits & Vegetables No. 5: Carrots

Healthy foods

Healthy eating is more than just about your waistline or a number on the scale. Eating the right foods can also ensure that you and your children’s teeth are strong and healthy. Finding the right teeth-friendly fruits & vegetables means that your smile, when combined with our care, will never look better.

Why are carrots good for my teeth?

We all know that, besides tasting great, carrots are chock full of important vitamins and minerals. These vital nutrients help build teeth health and prevent damage. Additionally, the crunchy nature of carrots actually helps clean teeth to prevent decay. So, for healthy teeth and a great smile, grab a carrot the next time you feel like snacking.

Are carrots ok to eat with braces?

Different types of braces have different food restrictions. Generally speaking, however, carrots are ok to eat with the proper precautions. We do suggest waiting a few days to eat harder foods, like carrots, after first getting your braces. Additionally, it’s a good idea to cut up the carrots to prevent injury or damage to the hardware.

You should have been provided with detailed information during your last visit on what foods are and aren’t permitted, but feel free to always call our office and ask for additional information if you aren’t sure about something.

Does Invisalign work even when eating carrots?

There’s a reason why Invisalign is taking the world by storm: the ease of continuing your life as normal while wearing it. Braces come with all sorts of food restrictions, while Invisalign does not. In other words, you can feel free to bite into a full carrot without a single concern in the world.

Remember, at Beach Braces, we like to focus on overall dental health. If you’re worried your smile could be better, then give us a call today; we would love the chance to work with you.

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