Teeth-friendly Fruits & Vegetables No. 6: Watermelon

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When you have braces, it can seem like you have to avoid all of your favorite foods. Hard foods like nuts and many candies, and chewy ones like taffy, can damage different types of braces or become stuck to them. You even have to be careful which fruits and vegetables you eat. Things like apples, carrots and raw broccoli are on the list of things to avoid due to their hardness. However, there are many teeth-friendly fruits & vegetables that are still okay to eat, and watermelon is one of them.

Why Watermelon?

One of the biggest benefits of watermelon for people with braces is that it doesn’t become stuck in the teeth or hardware. As a very soft and juicy fruit, it’s easy to chew up. Plus, despite its red color, it’s unlikely to stain your teeth or the bands you use for braces colors.

Certain nutrients in watermelon may also be of particular interest to people with braces. It’s a good source of phosphorus, a mineral that works alongside calcium to help strengthen teeth and replenish enamel. Vitamin C, another nutrient found abundantly in watermelon, is necessary for collagen production. This makes it important for promoting healthy gums.

How to Eat It

Choose watermelon that is very ripe to ensure that it’s soft enough. If it’s under-ripe, it may be too crisp and might cause damage to your braces. You may also wish to consider cutting it into chunks or making melon balls to make it easier to eat. In addition, it’s recommended to only eat watermelon when it’s at room temperature. Cold temperatures can cause the bonding on your braces to become brittle, making them more likely to come off.

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Teeth-friendly Fruits & Vegetables No. 6: Watermelon

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