Support Our Veterans on Veterans Day!

Veterans Day

We are happy to celebrate our veterans on Veterans Day each and every year. We understand there are 23.2 million veterans currently residing in the United States and their service deserves recognition each and every year. So take some time out on November 11 and think about the veterans that have given so much of themselves to our country to protect our freedom.

Our office proudly flies the flag and is filled with extremely energetic and patriotic people. If you are a veteran we would love to hear your story.American Flag

We believe in supporting our current veterans and also support those who have given the ultimate sacrifice on Memorial Day as well. Our client base consists of a number of veterans from various branches of military and we are always available to take on new patients who have served in all branches of the US military, Navy and Air Force to name a few.

We understand that scheduling appointments around your busy schedule can be a difficult task. We are flexible and building appointments and believe in supporting our troops. We can also offer up orthodontic appliances and solutions that work with your military career. Whether you are currently serving, retired or in the reserves we can establish solutions for your oral health and work to support you as a patient and as a veteran.

As always come out on Veterans Day so that we can show you our appreciation and support. We are taking appointments in and around this holiday and are also pleased to pay our respects throughout the day. Veterans Day is no normal day for our practice and we believe in emphasizing and communicating as a staff and clinic our true appreciation for our local veterans and veterans across the United States.

Feel free to visit us or call us on Veterans Day so that we can express just how appreciative we are to all of our veterans. Thank you so much for your service and sacrifice, we would love to hear your stories share your pride in your family members and their commitment to our country.

If you cannot join us for Veterans Day please make sure to stop and take a minute to thank a veteran and think about all they have done to protect you.

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Support our veterans on Veterans Day!