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8 Facts about Tooth-Whitening [for Children & Teens]

Adults usually consider some tooth-whitening product or treatment when their teeth do not look so pearly white. Due to the nature of ingredients included in these products, they might not be the best option for children & teens. Several concerns exist as to why they might not be safe. Here are eight facts about tooth-whitening for children & teens that are more than worth considering.

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Braces or Veneers [Checklist 2017]

A nice smile is often the first thing people notice about you. Crooked, chipped or stained teeth detract from your appearance and may have health implications as well. Once you decide it’s time to do something about your smile, you may be unsure whether braces or veneers are the best choices. Here’s some information to help you make a choice, courtesy of Dr. Patricia J. Panucci of Beach Braces, in Manhattan Beach, California.

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Smiles Are Great Investments 2017

Smiles are great investments: the more you collect, the better you feel. Have you ever had a perfect stranger make your day just by giving you a friendly smile? You can pass that gift along by sharing your smile with others. If you are shy about smiling, consider these suggestions to make your smile more attractive and make you more confident.

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Don’t Let Indian Curries Stop Your Smile

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Teeth Staining Food # 8: Indian Curries

If you’re like most people with stains on their teeth, you probably avoid smiling. You might cover your mouth with your hands or bite on your cheek to keep others from seeing your teeth. This is a common problem reported by those who indulge in Indian curries. While those curries provide the perfect balance of heat and flavor, the dishes often contain curry powder, which stains your teeth and causes yellow discolorations. Other curries contain tomatoes and other acidic ingredients that not only stain the teeth but chip away at the enamel too. With the right services, you can show off your teeth and still eat your favorite dishes.

How Does Tooth Whitening Work?

Tooth whitening typically uses a bleaching agent that bleaches yellow spots and makes those spots look white again. With teeth whitening, offices sometimes use a combination of bleaching agents and light therapy to protect the gums from those agents. Some doctors also use internal procedures that go deep inside the teeth to whiten from within. Though there are some natural and home remedies that you can try, most patients experience more success with a visit to a doctor or orthodontist.

Do You Need Braces?

If you hide your smile because of crooked teeth, or you notice your child doing the same thing, now is the time to look at the average cost of braces. The total cost that you pay depends on whether you choose Invisalign or another product and whether you have dental insurance. Patricia J. Panucci welcomes questions from her patients. With one phone call to Beach Braces, you can find out more about the procedures that she offers, how to make an appointment and how much the procedures cost.

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Don’t Let Indian Curies Stop Your Smile

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