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Think you’re Too Old for Braces? Ask Tom Cruise!

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Celebrity’s Orthodontic Journey # 2: Tom Cruise

Think you’re too old for braces? Ask Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise. The star of Top Gun, Jerry Maguire, and Edge of Tomorrow, who was 39 years old when he first ventured into the orthodontist’s office! After appearing on magazine covers for nearly two decades–with a crooked smile–he finally took the plunge when one of his own children needed to get braces, and decided he would join in as well! As every magazine photo and movie of him since 2002 testifies: the rest is history.

Instead of the image of wires and rubber bands many of us have when we think about braces, Tom opted for a more discrete ceramic type, the only visible part of which was a thin wire running across the front of his teeth. He wore them for about eighteen months, and was able to have the wire removed when he was doing a movie, then put back on after. In fact, many adults, like Tom, choose ceramic braces, but if those are too obtrusive, there are also clear aligners that are nearly invisible! Or maybe you’re interested in getting Wildsmile braces, metal braces emblazoned with charms and colors? We work with you to choose a style of braces that meets your specific health needs, while also fitting your personal or professional lifestyle.

Even if you’re not planning to walk down the red carpet anytime soon, straightening your teeth is a great way to improve your smile and boost your self-confidence. What are you waiting for? Come on in for a consultation with Dr. Patricia at Beach Braces today. She is a cutting-edge orthodontist, and one of the most qualified in Southern California. More importantly, she is dedicated to finding the right choice for you, so that you can love your braces before and after.

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Think you’re Too Old for Braces? Ask Tom Cruise!

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famous with braces

Stars with Wired Sparkle

Famous People with Braces

When many people get braces they are extremely hesitant about this form of treatment because it’s not something that we see a lot in traditional media and especially from celebrities.
While many people can’t think of a lot of celebrities that may have had braces or even walked the red carpet while wearing braces, there are certainly a large cast of stars that have used braces and have been seen out in public wearing their orthodontic appliances to straighten their smile and get the kind of straight teeth that they’ve always wanted.

famous with braces

Photo from

Seeing the celebrities that have had braces will help to give you and other patients the confidence that they need to be seen out in public even with braces. There’s no reason why you should feel self-conscious about smiling even with braces on as today braces can be heavily customized and also kept extremely hidden using certain products like Invisalign.
Celebrities can not only use braces as a new fashion accessory but can also enjoy the benefits of having the perfect smile they’ve always wanted after their braces are removed. Here are some of the top celebrities that have been seen wearing braces and orthodontic appliances over the course of their careers in the public eye.

1. Beyonce:

Beyonce walked the red carpet several times sporting traditional metal braces with customized brackets. She had braces for the required treatment period and now has a wonderful straight smile. Beyoncé was never shy about hiding her smile even with traditional metal braces on.

2. Faith Hill:

Faith Hill received adult braces so that she could work on her smile and this goes to show that people of any age and status can receive orthodontic treatment. Faith Hill was always showing off her smile and had a set of traditional metal braces with pink brackets to show off her own individual style.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

3. Katy Perry:

Katy Perry had a full set of braces and headgear for the video last Friday night. These braces and headgear were custom fitted by Dr. Panucci and she wears them throughout the video. This is a great example of somebody using braces even in a music video for a bit of fun.

4. Tom Cruise:

Tom Cruise appeared on a wide array of newspaper and magazine covers for showing off his very famous braces. Tom Cruise had an amazing smile even with his braces on and it goes to show just how men of all ages can receive orthodontic treatment to work on their smile without having to have confidence issues.
If you’re interested in receiving your own braces do not hesitate to contact Beach Braces orthodontic experts in Manhattan beach, Southern California. Call us today for a complimentary consultation.

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 Famous People With Braces