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Life is BETTER when you’re SMILING! ― Karen McNair Gibbs

happiness quotes

When you’re enjoying life, you should be able to show your smile with pride. Smiling makes a person instantly more attractive and approachable, so when you smile, others around you can’t help but to feel like they want to talk to you. A smile says to the world that you’re enjoying life and this makes people want to know more about you! Seeing an orthodontist for a consultation for braces may feel overwhelming at first, but rest assured that by visiting an orthodontist, you’re taking a huge step in the right direction. Straight teeth are easier to clean, and it’s a big plus that they enhance your appearance, allowing your inner beauty to shine through your smile.

The Process

The process of orthodontics may not sound like much fun, but the process is worth it and our office makes the treatment process enjoyable with our caring staff that caters specifically to each client. Manhattan Beach braces will help you to feel 100% confident when smiling and talking. If you feel ashamed or embarrassed of your teeth, it’s time to do something about it. While getting orthodontics for children is very common from elementary school to high school, adult orthodontics are also common. It’s never too late to make your smile more beautiful so that you can feel amazing when you smile. Life truly is better when you’re smiling!

Beach Braces

At our orthodontic practice in Manhattan Beach, CA, we serve each patient with a smile and once their treatment is complete, they live our office smiling bigger than ever before. A beautiful smile is something that goes a long way in confidence and even future career opportunities. Beach Braces Orthodontics wants to set each client on the way to feeling amazing when they smile.  Make an appointment today!

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Why Does the Orthodontist Need to X-ray?


While braces can seem like a ho-hum boring piece of the realm of teenagers, an orthodontist must make sure that they will be helpful to the customer. This is where x-rays come in handy.

Orthodontic X-Rays

X-rays can be a frustrating thing to take when your child is small. If they won’t sit still for the dentist, why would they for the orthodontist when they take x-rays? However, the orthodontic x-rays serve a different purpose than they would via a dentist’s office.  The main type of X-ray used is called a bitewing. This type gives the taker a detailed picture of a small section of teeth.

Lighter areas on the X-ray indicate:

– enamel
– fillings.

Darker areas indicate:

– root canals
– decay
– bones.

The orthodontists are trained to read the light and dark areas in order to determine if there are issues in a particular area of the mouth. Normal tissues look different than abnormal tissues on the X-rays, and knowing the difference could help figure out what to be done next.

Some reasons an X-ray would be taken include:

– a first time at the office,
– to see the bones if pain is reported,
– to see how recovery is going after a surgery.

There are many other reasons an X-ray would be taken.

Among the reasons orthodontists take x-rays to begin with is to be able to identify abnormalities. Whether these are tumors or pathogens that could end up doing serious harm, many show up on x-rays. Often times, these issues are first identified on the x-rays – whether they are done in Manhattan Beach or in Paris. After they have been identified, the patient is referred for a treatment based on what is wrong.

Another reason that x-rays will be taken when have an orthodontic visit is to check on the progress of the treatment. Braces do move the teeth and straighten them out – and for some people, this causes their roots to shorten. This is incredibly rare since only 2% of patients experience this. However, the X-rays can help decide if there is a problem with having too many teeth in the mouth. Sometimes the treatment will begin and teeth will begin to align, but then an overcrowding problem arises. If this happens, a decision is reached about what to do – whether that is the tooth is pulled or if the teeth need to be shifted in a different direction.

If the overcrowding issue is the problem, an X-ray is usually taken before treatment so that a proper treatment can be done. One or two will be taken along the way if braces was the decision – but most patients only have an X-ray taken before and after the treatment.

A fourth reason an X-ray would be taken is to determine if the jaw bone has any issues that need to be fixed. Whether this means that the jaw is too big, too small, or off center, it can be a problem. When the issue has been determined, tooth position is looked at. If there was no jaw issue, the teeth are still looked at. Missing teeth, extra teeth, or even misplaced teeth are of particular interest to orthodontists. All the information in the X-ray is used to determine if a surgery or tooth extraction is needed to correct the problem.

While children may not sit still for long, getting them to sit still for an X-ray is incredibly useful. These X-rays are used to determine growth patterns in children. They are also used to look at any adult teeth that have yet to push through. Predictions of what kind of growth can be made via these X-rays as well.

In adults, panoramic X-rays (or X-rays that show the entire mouth like a book) are used to identify if a particular treatment will work. Results can be quantified and can be predicted to a certain degree. Changes with treatments can also be seen via the panoramic X-rays.

Lateral cephalograms (or side view X-rays) are used for the same reasons. Like the bitewing, these offer a look at a small section of teeth. Unlike the bitewing, however, the lateral cephalograms show little detail on any one tooth – and show the side of the skull and spinal cord. Computer tracing can be used to help determine how the teeth look with the lips and nose – drawn in of course. Teeth can be traced and a triangle drawn to figure out if there are reasons to use a specific treatment.

While getting an X-ray at the doctor’s entails heavy coats and a large room, the same technology used by orthodontists has regulations set by the state. There is no need to worry about unnecessary exposure. The operators are hand-picked to be sanctioned by the state. The room that the equipment is in has also been sanctioned before it was ever introduced to the X-ray machine.

On another note, the machines expose a person to less radiation than they’re exposed to in an airplane. The “as little as reasonably achievable” – or ALARA – rule of thumb helps to keep this practice safe. The idea is to keep the patient exposed to as little radiation as possible. Most people have between three and five X-rays in three to four years, which means it is safe to expect one a year – two if needed for treatment.

Moreover, since the X-rays are stored digitally now, they can be transferred to any office via email. There’s virtually no need for a patient to receive another X-ray if there is little time between the time of the X-ray and the change in offices.

All in all, the X-rays taken by any orthodontist will be used to safely determine what kind of treatment is needed. Should a patient refuse to take an X-ray, a treatment may not be able to be started until more is known about the state of their teeth, gums, jaw, bones, etc. It’s very possible this can only be done through X-rays – depending on what is in need of assessment at that time.

Visiting the orthodontist at any age can help turn your smile into the joy of laughter. Call Manhattan Beach Braces today to set up your first appointment.

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Beach Braces – Small Space, Big Impact


Article Courtesy of

Contact Beach Braces to Learn More about Orthodontic Treatment

Dr. Patricia J. Panucci offers a complimentary examination to patients at her Beach Braces facility that is located in California. She provides services to children, teenagers and adults who reside in:

• Hermosa Beach
• Manhattan Beach
• Redondo Beach
• Hawthorne
• El Segundo

Call her office today at 310-379-0006 to schedule an appointment to determine the best type of braces required for you to smile in the mirror each morning.

You’ll find that life is still worthwhile, if you just smile. ― Charles Chaplin

life quotes

Smiling is important for your reputation with other people and your own feelings about yourself. Sometimes people with crooked teeth don’t smile because they’d rather look serious than show their teeth. The problem with this is that people who never smile have a harder time making friends and may even have more difficulties with work relationships. If you or your child avoids smiling because of crooked teeth, it may be time to consider getting braces.

Why See Our Manhattan Beach Braces Specialist?

Having your teeth straightened by our orthodontist is:

• Effective

• Economical

• Embarrassment Free

Today, people of all ages get braces, so if you are a teen or adult there is no need to feel awkward about wearing them. The brackets are smaller than ever before, and different types are available that can allow you to have brackets or wires that are even smaller, clear or in different colors.

There is no better way to fully correct malocclusion (a bad bite) and crooked teeth than with braces, and they are among the most economical orthodontic options available. In fact, traditional metal orthodontia is usually the least expensive type of orthodontic treatment.

If you live in or near Manhattan Beach braces treatment can be completed in one or two years on average. That amount of time is nothing compared to the lifetime of happiness you can have from having beautiful, straight teeth that will make you proud to smile.

What You May be Missing if You Are Not Smiling Enough


If you are tired of not smiling, or if you see your child or teenager covering their teeth and suffering from embarrassment, call our office now to set up a consultation appointment. Our orthodontist is ready to help you to improve your oral health and self-confidence by giving you a healthy and beautiful smile.


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There is a thin line between a smile and laughter- Santosh Kalwar

smile quotes

One of the first things your child will ever see is their mothers’ smile, so why not show it as often as possible? Parents often go above and beyond to provide orthodontic care for their children, ensuring healthy and beautiful smiles from Manhattan Beach Braces, yet don’t consider the option for themselves. There is no need to hide your crooked teeth behind a closed-mouth smile in your family photos. It is easier than ever before to correct any degree of malocclusions, at any age.

Don’t Wait

Maybe you think braces are just for kids. Or perhaps you’ve been concerned about how braces may look, cost, or how long or painful the corrective process may be.

  • Advancements in orthodontia have created options such as Invisalign and lingual braces that make wearing them less noticeable.
  • These same improvements have made the overall process less painful, and may take less time than you expect.
  • There are many finance and payment options available, in addition to any insurance coverage you may have.
    Investing in your smile is well worth the lifetime of joy and self-confidence you will project to your family. A visit to the orthodontist will give you the information you need to start your journey.

Using the same mindset of affixing your own oxygen mask before helping your children, taking care of your own dental care can be a great lesson to your kids, setting them up for a strong future in their dental health. A bright straight smile will bring a boost of self-confidence to everyone in your family. You may even consider going through the process together!
Visiting the orthodontist at any age can help turn your smile into the joy of laughter. Call Manhattan Beach Braces today to set up your first appointment.

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At What Age Do Baby Teeth Normally Fall Out?

baby teeth

Every parent looks forward to the first time their baby smiles back at them. That flirtatious toothless infant grin grants a note of happiness to everyone it touches. However, it isn’t long before the baby teeth begin to emerge. From this moment on, parents wonder how they can assure that their child’s smile is always at its best.

At what age do baby teeth fall out?

Baby teeth or “milk teeth” as they are sometimes known, stay in place while the buds for adult teeth further develop to maturity. These baby teeth stay in a child’s mouth until they are literally pushed out by growing adult teeth. A child will usually begin to lose their baby teeth in much the same order as they originally made their appearance.

This means that the lower incisors and upper incisors are the first to fall out. These teeth are generally followed by the lateral incisors, canines and molars. These primary teeth become loose and begin to fall out when most children are between five and seven years of age, with six being the average. By seven to eight years of age, most children have lost all of their baby teeth.

What type of dental issues lead to a referral to a specialist in Orthodontic?

Should it be determined that a patient would benefit from an alignment of their teeth or bite, they are usually referred to a specialist known as an “Orthodontist.” After permanent teeth have grown into a youngster’s mouth, their upper or lower jaw can become overcrowded. There are patients who have teeth that are widely spaced from each other, creating the illusion that they are missing teeth due to large gaps. A general dentist will additionally refer a patient to see an Orthodontist for such abnormalities as an over-bite, under-bite, cross-bite or deep-bite. A young patient with a malocclusion may suffer from speech problems, as well as bullying from their peers for the difference in their appearance.

At what age should a child see an Orthodontist for an initial visit?

Although a child in elementary school may not be mature enough to undergo orthodontic treatment, the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that parents bring their child in for an evaluation by the age of seven. This allows the doctor to observe the adult teeth and any other pertinent dental issues.

pumpkin baby

What should one expect at the first appointment?

An Orthodontist has been especially trained to transform a patient’s mouth to literal perfection. The process begins with a thorough exam, in which the doctor examines the jawline. She will then chart each tooth. Photographs, bite-wing and panoramic x-rays will further determine just what type of orthodontic treatment may be necessary. As with all orthodontic treatment, each diagnosis is made on an individual basis.

In past decades, Orthodontic Dentistry was primarily associated with patients in their “tween” or pre-teen years. Patients usually completed their treatment by high school, sometimes wearing a “retainer” until their high school graduation date loomed on the horizon. More often than not, adult men and women were too embarrassed to be seen with noticeable mental appliances. Much of this has changed in recent years as orthodontic materials have become less noticeable and downright invisible.

Lingual braces

Unlike orthodontic methods of decades past, the appliance is placed on the inside of the teeth where they cannot be seen. Attached to each band is a wire, which is then tightened as required by the doctor. Adjustment sessions are performed at the office. When using wire-based appliances, the doctor is looking for improvements to be made on a gradual but slow schedule.

Alternative systems

The invisalign system of straightening teeth is virtually invisible to all but the doctor and patient. This modern form of orthodontic treatment utilizes a series of removable alignment traces that fit directly over the teeth. They are not just invisible in appearance, but more comfortable for patients to wear. Immediately, this eliminates the discomfort and embarrassment factor. Each aligner is made using the latest in 3-D imaging technology. This style of orthodontic treatment is now being used on patients by doctors throughout North America.

How long does it take?

Patients wear each set of invisalign aligners for approximately two weeks. They are allowed to remove their aligners only to eat and take care of daily dental hygiene. Every two weeks a new set of aligners is fit to the patient, letting the teeth move in small increments until they are properly aligned. Patients may wear between 18 to 30 aligners during treatment. The total treatment time averages between 9 to 15 months, with the time required as per the doctor’s prescription.

In addition to being able to smile freely throughout their treatment, patients experience minimal discomfort due to the non-invasive nature of their invisible aligners. This form of orthodontic treatment has shown a marked improvement in the dental care that patients receive and the healthy smiles that result from their treatment. All it takes is an initial appointment to see what these doctors and their expertise in Orthodontic Dentistry can do for the individual.

Manhattan Braces

Parents from Los Angeles and Orange counties feel comfortable at the offices of Beach Braces Orthodontics in Manhattan Beach. Here Dr. Patricia J. Panucci offers the finest of individual care to each of her patients. This practice is known for the caring nature of its staff and their ability to work with patients to meet all of their orthodontic needs, including emergency care. For more information, patients and their families are encouraged to make an appointment.

The orthodontic professionals at beach braces specialize in invisalign, lingual, traditional and creative wire braces. They are experienced in working with youngsters, teens and adults. In all cases, the doctor makes sure treatment is in line with the needs of each patient. They enjoy meeting new patients and showing them how today’s technology has changed the landscape of orthodontic treatment.

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Smile in the mirror. Do that every morning and you’ll start to see a big difference in your life.” – Yoko Ono

smile quotes

How often do you begin your day with a smile? Beginning a day with a smile is simple when you follow Yoko Ono’s advice to smile at yourself in the mirror upon waking. If you avoid smiling because you are embarrassed about the unsightly spaces between your teeth, then visit an orthodontist for a complete evaluation. Wearing braces does not need to hurt or require wearing the devices for many years because most individuals have mild malocclusions. Your orthodontist might recommend wearing clear aligners for one year or less to shift teeth into correct positions. Plastic removable aligners are simple to wear, and it is still easy to brush your teeth twice a day while getting your teeth straightened.

Wear Invisalign to Improve Your Smile

Invisalign orthodontic treatment is popular for teenagers and adults who want a fast way to improve their smile to look more attractive. You will enjoy having straighter teeth after undergoing orthodontic treatment because braces also improve your bite, leading to less jaw pain. Your orthodontist might suggest metallic brackets and wires instead to reposition teeth, but there are new options available to make the process easier. After improving your smile with properly spaced teeth, you won’t have any problem standing in front of the mirror to smile, and when you smile, endorphins are released into your body to improve your mood.

Contact Beach Braces to Learn More about Orthodontic Treatment

Dr. Patricia J. Panucci offers a complimentary examination to patients at her Beach Braces facility that is located in California. She provides services to children, teenagers and adults who reside in:

• Hermosa Beach
• Manhattan Beach
• Redondo Beach
• Hawthorne
• El Segundo

Call her office today at 310-379-0006 to schedule an appointment to determine the best type of braces required for you to smile in the mirror each morning.

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If you feel happy, Smile with all your heart. If you’re down, smile with all your might – Paul Ian Guillermo

smile quotes

Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. If you need to have your teeth straightened but don’t want a mouth full of metal, an orthodontist has several invisible braces options available that might work well for you.

Invisalign is one of the latest technologies for straightening teeth. The best feature of Invisalign is that is invisible. Clear plastic aligners are made especially for your teeth. Computer technology helps the orthodontist create aligners that will gently and comfortably move your teeth over a period of time. The aligners fit directly over the teeth. They are lightweight and fit tightly on the teeth, so they will not slip or cause problems speaking or singing. A new aligner is created about every two weeks to gently move your teeth into their correct position. Twelve to 24 new aligners will be needed before your teeth are straightened.

Invisalign Teen

Invisalign Teen works with the same individualized computer technology to create aligners to straighten your teeth. They also have Blue Dot technology that indicates when the aligners need to be changed. One of the biggest advantages of using Invisalign technology is that the aligners can be removed for eating, brushing and flossing. Your regular oral health care routine can continue without interruption or fear of cavities when you use Invisalign to create the lovely, healthy smile you desire.

Whether you use Invisalign or Invisalign Teen technology, choose a talented professional who is an expert at giving you a straight smile with no sign of metal braces. The only way to know for sure if Invisalign is the treatment you need for your orthodontic issues is to contact Dr. Panucci today for a consultation.

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For a moment at least, be a smile on someone else’s face. – Dejan Stojanovic, The Sun Watches the Sun


Have you ever flashed a smile at someone and watch his or her face light up? It’s a great feeling to share joy with others with something that is so easy to do, and costs nothing. A lovely smile starts with the lips, spreads to the teeth, and reaches to the eyes to touch a person’s soul. Beautiful teeth can be yours with help from an orthodontist.

What to expect

Manhattan Beach orthodontics provide professional care from a team of thorough, detail-oriented experts who can make you look and feel like a million dollars. Using state-of-the-art techniques, your teeth can be straightened, aligned, or removed if necessary to create an even, attractive set of upper and lower teeth. Filling gaps, adjusting tipped teeth, and removing embedded teeth from the gum line will make your mouth more comfortable and functional for smiling, eating, and speaking.

The Exam

Beginning with a comprehensive exam that includes panoramic x-rays, the orthodontist will explain recommendations for improving the dental structures. A timeline and payment plan will also be discussed. Beach Braces offers an affordable and practical approach to orthodontic care for the entire family that will have everyone looking fantastic in a relatively short amount of time.

Patients will be scheduled to meet with the team every few months for status updates. Adjustments can be made if needed. The patient’s role is minimal but important to the overall success of orthodontic treatment. When the braces finally come off, upper or lower retainers, or both, may be prescribed and designed to help keep the teeth in their new positions. Retainers might be worn for a few years only, or could be helpful for the foreseeable future.

Let Manhattan Beach Braces bring out your most beautiful smile, like the sun on a cloudy day. Contact us for an appointment to discuss treatment options.

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A genuine smile comes from the heart, but a healthy smile needs good dental care – Wayne Chirisa

dental care

As a parent you worry about your child’s dental care and may be facing the question of whether braces are right for your child. Braces are used to improve the patient’s appearance and smile, but they also help correct many serious dental problems.  These issues may cause headaches and earaches as well as lead to gum disease and tooth decay.

Is the Time Right for Braces?

Braces can be beneficial even from an early age, but adults also wear them to fix minor problems and improve their smile. Most patients go into their braces between the ages of 10 and 14. Teeth straightening can work best while the mouth and head are still growing. Keep in mind that these are sensitive years for children. Parents should discuss braces with them before they are applied.

What are the Best Types of Braces?

Your orthodontist can recommend the best braces for your individual needs, but you may have some choices to make. Metal, brackets, plastic, and ceramic braces are bonded to the actual teeth. Ceramic brackets are less noticeable than metal versions. They are either tooth colored or clear. Concealed, or Lingual, braces are attached to the back of the teeth so they aren’t seen.

Another option is clear, removable aligners. These braces are virtually invisible, and the fact that they can be removed means food won’t get trapped where it can cause further problems. Each set of aligners are worn for approximately two weeks. They are taken out for brushing and eating.

Where Can I get More Information?

The team at Beach Braces Orthodontics is waiting to answer all of your questions and concerns. You can find more information by contacting our office or calling 310-379-0006 to schedule your initial evaluation.

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