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The Kids Healthy Mouths Campaign

What Do You Know About The Kids Healthy Mouths Campaign

You may have recently seen a PSA campaign regarding the kids healthy mouths program. Kids healthy mouths is a partnership that was created and spearheaded by spokesperson Laila Ali and backed by a partnership between the healthy mouths, healthy lives program and the ad Council.

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The PSA campaign is targeted towards parents and children and drives home the importance of brushing for 2 minutes, two times per day. The 2 x 2 campaign is designed to target children to ensure that they maintain their oral health and care during the early years of their lives avoiding dental decay.

Dental decay is currently one of the most common chronic childhood diseases. Over 16 million children in the United States are currently suffering from some form of untreated tooth decay. The idea of these PSA’s is to create a light and comfortable message for kids by reminding them of some other silly activities that they generally spend time doing rather than brushing their teeth for 2 min.

It is the hope that these PSA’s can affect real change and that children will see them and be encouraged to brush their teeth two times daily for 2 min, to severely cut down the instances of dental decay among children in the United States.

How can poor dental health affect children? 

Poor dental and oral health can really affect childhood health. Many children experienced cavities and oral pain which can also cause extra expense for parents as well as some health issues. Cavities and oral pain can make life difficult for children and could require extra care especially if left untreated for a long period of time.

Research has shown that only 44% of parents report that their children were brushing their teeth at least twice a day. By providing proper instructions, exposure and reminders through these PSA’s the aim is for more children and parents to get on the bandwagon,  creating positive change when it comes to focusing on oral health in children.

Coupled with these PSA’s comes a variety of internet material to help parents teach their children how to brush. The two-minute two times website is an excellent resource for parents to teach their children good cleaning habits.

Useful Websites

Some great information can be found on these websites, including referrals for local dentists, product recommendations as well as the different types of toothbrushes that should be used for children. Extra resources such as the brush checklist can also be used by parents to help children establish healthy routines for brushing and to keep track of their cleaning habits. You can also view our blog for common tooth brushing mistakes that we list on a weekly basis.

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The Kids Healthy Mouths Campaign.

Invisalign Teen – What Parents Should Know

Braces – parents often meet resistance when their teens are told they require braces. Finally, there’s a solution that will make everyone happy. Invisalign – the invisible braces for teens. No longer does your teen have to cope with name-calling thanks to big ugly metal braces. No one will ever know they are even wearing braces.

Modern orthodontic offices are making it much simpler for teens to have their crooked teeth treated in a manner that’s almost as easy as going shopping with their friends. The generation of today wants more than just a solution for crooked teeth. They want a full makeover that is going to have them not only looking totally different and they want to make sure they are following current fashion trends.


The teenager of today who finds themselves facing dental issues can now turn to Invisalign braces for innovative treatments that will have them with beautiful teeth in no time.

Today’s teens are given a number of excellent treatment choices for wearing braces. These include invisible teeth aligners, tooth coloring, and more. Today’s teens no longer have to wear those bothersome traditional metal braces that left them self-conscious and impinging on their personality around their peers.

Here are just a few of the benefits Invisalign Teen braces have to offer teenagers and their parents.

invisalign teen preferred provider - manhattan beach Ca1.     No longer is there a need for those continuous visits to the orthodontist. There will be a visit at the six-week mark to talk about the progress of the teeth alignment and acquiring the next aligner set level. These spaced out visits are convenient for teens and parents alike.

2.     The Invisalign braces offer teens both durability and convenience. No worries when it comes to running, swimming, playing, or other physical activities. Now activities that couldn’t be done with metal braces are no longer a problem. These braces are also easy to clean along with the teenager’s original teeth.

3.     Teens are easily accepted with their Invisalign Teen because they do not affect their appearance, which is very important to teens. In fact, because Invisalign braces are clear they are invisible and many times their friends have no idea that they are even wearing braces.

4.     Teens like Invisalign braces because they are aesthetically pleasing. This way they get the perfect teeth they want but without the embarrassment of those ugly metal braces.

5.     Teens heading off to college love the Invisalign braces because they can easily remove them anytime they wish to and then can be worn again without an orthodontist visit. These clear braces are completely invisible and so they don’t clash with what your teen is wearing or their personality.

6.     The teenager can wear the set of Invisalign braces for a few weeks, and then when it is time they can graduate to the next set level. This results in movements that are gradual and in small increment towards the direction the teeth are being trained to move. The teeth aligners move easily for cleaning, which is certainly a benefit over the metal braces where it is difficult to clean the original teeth.

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Invisalign Teen

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