Nothing is more Important than your Face

Be Sure to Protect your Smile while Playing Sports

If you are an athlete and always on the go, it’s good for you. You’re going to be physically fit and strong for years to come. However, don’t forget to take care with your mouth. When it comes to any kind of contact sport, mouth guards are a must. Think of it as a minor investment that will protect your pearly whites for a lifetime. Remember that goes for kids too. If your children are signed up for sports, be sure to take a trip to the store or to an orthodontist in Manhattan Beach to get a mouth guard. It’s a simple insurance policy against the risk of major damage.

Damaged Teeth is the Last Thing You Need

Whether you’re playing baseball, out on the basketball court, or running across the football field, you’re taking a risk of physical contact. While you might suit up and protect other parts of your body, don’t neglect your mouth. You could easily take a blow to the jaw or your teeth. It could come from the ball or another athlete and the impact could really send you for a loop. The last thing you want to deal with is broken or lost teeth because you forgot to put a mouth guard in your mouth. Any sport that involves physical activity, a team of players, and a ball should include a mouth guard as an essential part of the uniform.

Where Can You Find Mouth guards?

Mouth guards are available online, in department stores, and at sporting stores. You’ll find a wide variety of products in an affordable price range. While this is an easy, quick fix, you are not likely to get the ideal fit when you choose something that is produced by a manufacturer as a one-size-fits-all type of product. Your best bet is to make an appointment with an orthodontist in order to have a mouth guard that is a custom fit. The orthodontist will scan your mouth and create a mould that matches your teeth. From that point, a mouth guard will be created that is tailored to fit your mouth. Not only will this be a more comfortable mouthpiece, you will also find that you have a better level of protection. Your mouth guard will fit snugly and keep your teeth in proper alignment while you are engaged in the sport of your choice. While it will cost more money to get a custom mouthpiece, you’ll find it’s worth it when you save on dental bills from potential injuries.

Make an Appointment for Your Mouth guard Today

Dr. Patricia Panucci is a name you can trust when it comes to finding a Manhattan Beach orthodontist. Contact her office today and make an appointment to get a mouth guard that you will find completely satisfying. Dr. Panucci has the skill and experience you need when you are searching for an orthodontist in Manhattan Beach. She will help you to take care of your smile. You can learn more about her and her practice at the Beach Braces website

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Nothing is more Important than your Face

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