Playing sport with braces

Can you Play Sports with Braces?

Playing Sports and Invisalign

Many parents have voiced their concern about their kids wearing orthodontic braces and participating in physical activities. Dr. Panucci assures us that wearing braces should not deter a child from participating in sports.

There are a few precautions that children wearing braces should take if they are participating in full contact sports.  They need to make sure they are wearing protective mouth guards.

There is the alternative of bubble wrapping your child, although it’s not highly recommended, watch the hilarious how to do video below:

Bubblewrap – Year Round

Invisalign is an excellent choice for active teens. Invisalign Teen gives you the benefits of straighter teeth without the hassle of metal braces. Because Invisalign is removable, the plastic aligners pop out very easily before heading out to the field or participating in other contact sports.

Whether you have Invisalign braces or conventional braces don’t let them stop you from participating in contact sports.

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 Can you Play Sports with Braces?

Invisalign v Braces

Which are your preferred braces?

Traditional Metal Braces vs. Damon System Braces vs. Clear Aligners

Today you now have a choice in planning your orthodontic treatment! Taking a proactive part in designing your treatment can help you better understand how appliances work and why you should follow their strict instructions.  Since numerous types of appliances are now available, choosing among them might be hard for those who have little knowledge regarding their advantages and disadvantages. In order to prevent regrets during or after your treatment, it is best to gain broad awareness about orthodontic treatments.  Below is a good comparison of traditional metal braces and clear braces you can use as your guide. Invisalign v Braces

Examining each of them and comparing them with each other can help you calculate which option is best for you. By “best” we mean lesser pain, lesser discomfort, more convenience, lesser cost, and shorter treatment duration.  Since having all these advantages at once is hard to achieve given you have limited resources or other restrictions, you can pick which criteria you prefer the most such as price, duration, or convenience and base your decision on it.

Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces are known for their strength and durability that can withstand the test of time for patients of all ages. These braces require an elastic rubber band, also called ligature, in order to connect or hold the archwire into the bracket. On the other hand, some orthodontists utilize metal tie wires instead of these elastic bands. These tie wires are twisted around the bracket thus enabling them to apply pressure on your teeth. This pressure will then slowly move your teeth to their desired positions over time.


These kind of braces are less expensive compared to the other types of braces thus it is the most commonly used worldwide to keep orthodontists overhead down.  You are allowed you to play with multi-colored ligatures that serve as decorations on your teeth when you smile.  Aside from that, an option for a darker ligature is also available for those who smoke or drink coffee in order to hide staining.


Traditional metal braces are easier to notice compared to the Damon System Bracket or Damon Clear Braces. Because of this, most teens and adults prefer the smaller Damon Braces or even clear aligners. Furthermore, since this type of braces is cemented on your teeth, proper brushing and cleaning is a must in order to prevent tooth decays.  Lastly, metal braces tend to be uncomfortable at first 3 weeks as your tongue, cheek, and lips get used to it.  The older bracket systems also require more force to get the teeth to move which translates to discomfort for the patient.  Because of this, Dr. Wilson has chosen to not use the older braces systems in his office due to less patient satisfaction upon completion of treatment and a less superior result that the Damon System

Damon System Braces

The Damon Bracket system is the leading orthodontic bracket on the market today.  It is the only “passive, self-ligating bracket” and has a special patent that no other braces system can reproduce.  It’s know for getting a more superior result in a shorter time with less discomfort.  It is the “Cadillac” of all braces systems out there today.  It’s also know for giving the patient a wider, more esthetic smile that can not be achieved with other braces systems.


The advantages over traditional braces or the old bracket systems are many.  Just to list a few:  Smaller bracket, more hygienic, less discomfort, faster treatment times, fewer appointments, a broader/fuller smile, along with many more advantages.


It is the most expensive braces system out there, which is why most orthodontists don’t use it because it increases their overhead.  However, Dr. Wilson has elected NOT to charge a premium or increase his fees because of this since he is able to finish his patients faster and in fewer appointments so this decreases the time needed for each patient as far as overall chair time, which tends to wash out his increased overhead on the bracket.  Thus, this creates a built-in savings for the patient.

Clear Aligners

Having clear braces is a good option for those who don’t have the confidence to wear metal braces. Clear braces are made up of plastic and the most common brand is Invisalign. Unlike metal braces, clear braces or aligners need to be replaced once every two weeks.


The main advantage of using clear braces is cosmetic. Patients are conscious regarding how they look when friends and families notice their weird appliances such as palatal expander, metal braces, or metal retainers. Aside from that, since clear aligners are removable, it will be easier for you to clean the appliances as well as your teeth. You can even remove them when playing instruments, swimming, or engaging in sports.


Because of its convenience and comfort, clear braces are slightly more expensive compared to other types of braces.  They are also more fragile so handling them carefully is a must in order not to break them.  Furthermore, there’s a higher risk of losing them since you can easily remove them and misplace your braces case or holder.  However, Invisalign Teen has 6 replacement aligners for free built in.

Dr. Wilson is a leading orthodontist in Gainesville GA and is an Invisalign Premier Preferred Provider.

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Which are your preferred braces?

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Perfect smile

Smile Day

“If you don’t start the day with a smile, its not to late to start practising for tomorrow”

Perfect smile

Beach Braces Smile Quote #13 “If you don’t start the day with a smile, its not to late to start practising for tomorrow”

It is possible that you are so busy throughout the day that you might not have time to smile or take in something that you really appreciate or that makes you happy.

People who get stuck in day-to-day jobs that do not bring them happiness have a harder time staying upbeat and positive in the workplace.  Then when they get home their attitude is negative and all they want to do is go to bed and hope for the weekend.

Why should you live life like this?  Shouldn’t you want to be happy in your job?  I know that this probably sounds crazy, but in the midst of all the hustle and bustle remind yourself every day to smile.  A good old saying that you should remember daily says, “you aren’t fully dressed until you put a smile on”.  It is guaranteed that the more that you smile the more energy and positivity that you will bring to yourself and other around you.

Smiling is contagious, so why wouldn’t you start smiling to bring more upbeat positivity to your workplace or even in your home?  Make it a point to smile at least once after your wake up, twice while you are at work, and then when you get home for the night you should start to see some changes.

Even if you find yourself in the middle of the day and you have forgotten to put on your smile, its not too late.  Go ahead and smile away!  You will begin to see the change on your face and others around you.  Make this your daily habit and you will begin to see the changes in yourself and those dear to you.

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 Smile Day

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Beach Braces

Can you Measure a Smile ?


 “All the Statistics in The World Can’t measure the Warmth of a Smile”

Beach Braces

Beach Braces Smile Quote #8 “All the Statistics in The World Can’t measure the Warmth of a Smile”

Have you ever thought of measuring a smile? Most scientists invest in various studies regarding smiles, how much people mean it, and how different smiles can be distinguished. Advanced studies even have patterns to determine if your smile is fake or real. These studies based their results on facial muscles they identified to be responsible when a person is smiling.

However, no matter how much studies were conducted, how many factors were considered, and how much results are shown, the question of measuring a smile is still a debatable topic.

So, can you really measure smile? How much joy does it give to other people? In what angle or amount of mouth opening is to be considered as the best smile? How much pain can certain smiles eliminate? How long must someone smile in order to lessen negative feelings? All these questions together with some thousand questions about smiles are yet to be answered and remain a mystery to be unfolded.

With the kind of technology that we have today, indeed experts can measure certain factors of smiles but no one can still decipher smile itself.

No matter how many studies are being conducted, in the end, it doesn’t really matter anyways as all the statistics in the world can’t measure the warmth of a smile. After all, not everything in this world can be measured and that includes smile.

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Can you Measure a Smile ?

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Keep Smiling Sunshine

 “Smile Sunshine is Good For Your Teeth”

straighter teeth

Beach Braces Smile Quote #7 “Smile Sunshine is Good For Your Teeth”

Don’t let teeth irregularities blur your smile!

Malocclusions are inherited orthodontic problems that can contribute to tooth decay, gum disease and tooth loss. Additionally, crooked or crowded teeth are hard to clean.

The psychological effects can be devastating in severe cases of malocclusions. Teeth irregularities can affect self esteem and confidence, especially in teenagers.

The best way to prevent all these problems is to consult an orthodontist. Orthodontics is a type of dentistry that seeks to improve the position, appearance and function of abnormally aligned teeth.

Are you curious how do braces feel? The teeth may become sore and may be tender to biting pressures for a couple of days, but after you have become accustomed with the plate, you will forget you are wearing the brace.

You don’t want people to notice your braces? You can always opt for brackets that bond behind the teeth, or for invisible plates that are easy to remove and install.

All you have to do now is to find a good orthodontics office.

Alpine and Rafetto is one of the most respected orthodontic providers in Delaware. Dr. Ray S. Rafetto and Dr. Mark R. Fiss, the founders of Alpine and Rafetto, are using SureSmile, a technology that enhances patient comfort, reduces the trips to the office and shortens the treatment period. SureSmile utilizes wires that memorize the shape of your teeth. This technology creates a better smile in less time than metal braces.   Request an exam now!

Wear a SureSmile brace and grin happily ever after!

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Keep Smiling Sunshine

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Mom and Dad Can Have Perfect Teeth Too

Beach Braces Office

If you have been considering adult orthodontic braces so that you can have the straight teeth you always wanted, then read on. There are plenty of options available for adults to have braces, depending on your lifestyle, person preferences, and individual requirements. You will need to choose the style of braces that is best for you. But what are adult orthodontic braces, and how do you find the best option for you?

Conventional Metal Braces

Metal braces are the most common type of braces. This brace type is made from the highest grade of steel and they are affixed to the outside of your teeth. A few benefits to this type of braces are: durability, lack of discoloration, and speed of treatment.  Modern day metal braces are much smaller, more comfortable, and more attractive than those of even a decade ago.

Clear Ceramic Braces

The clear ceramic braces are attached to your teeth in the same manner as metal braces. However, because they tooth colored, they are less noticeable than the metal versions.

Lingual Bracesadult braces

Lingual braces are attached behind your teeth (the lingual side of the teeth). Lingual braces are completely hidden behind the teeth. Lingual braces have an adjustment period just like any other type of braces.

Invisible Braces (Clear Aligners)

Invisible braces are popular with adults and teens. Invisalign is comprised of a set of clear orthodontic trays that are called aligners. These aligners are customized to your mouth to accomplish the alignment that needs to take place for smile improvement. They are much less visible than braces. Teeth cleaning is easier because the aligners can be removed. However, this type of brace can only be used with simple teeth corrections. They are not designed to handle more complex cases but it’s not unknown to get a six month smile with Invisalign.

Which is the Best kind?

It really comes down to persona choice. There are pros and cons to each type of braces, and choosing is very personal. Consider your priorities, budget, whether you wish to conceal your braces, and of course you should always take your orthodontists’s recommendations into consideration. One thing is for certain – you are never too old to have braces and have your teeth corrected. Talk to your orthodontist to get a better understanding of what your personal situation would entail.

Contact Beach Braces

Contact Beach Braces today for your free initial orthodontic consultation.

Patricia J. Panucci DmD, MS – Specialist in Children and Adults Orthodontics in Southern California.

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Types of Braces


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Invisalign Teen – What Parents Should Know

Braces – parents often meet resistance when their teens are told they require braces. Finally, there’s a solution that will make everyone happy. Invisalign – the invisible braces for teens. No longer does your teen have to cope with name-calling thanks to big ugly metal braces. No one will ever know they are even wearing braces.

Modern orthodontic offices are making it much simpler for teens to have their crooked teeth treated in a manner that’s almost as easy as going shopping with their friends. The generation of today wants more than just a solution for crooked teeth. They want a full makeover that is going to have them not only looking totally different and they want to make sure they are following current fashion trends.


The teenager of today who finds themselves facing dental issues can now turn to Invisalign braces for innovative treatments that will have them with beautiful teeth in no time.

Today’s teens are given a number of excellent treatment choices for wearing braces. These include invisible teeth aligners, tooth coloring, and more. Today’s teens no longer have to wear those bothersome traditional metal braces that left them self-conscious and impinging on their personality around their peers.

Here are just a few of the benefits Invisalign Teen braces have to offer teenagers and their parents.

invisalign teen preferred provider - manhattan beach Ca1.     No longer is there a need for those continuous visits to the orthodontist. There will be a visit at the six-week mark to talk about the progress of the teeth alignment and acquiring the next aligner set level. These spaced out visits are convenient for teens and parents alike.

2.     The Invisalign braces offer teens both durability and convenience. No worries when it comes to running, swimming, playing, or other physical activities. Now activities that couldn’t be done with metal braces are no longer a problem. These braces are also easy to clean along with the teenager’s original teeth.

3.     Teens are easily accepted with their Invisalign Teen because they do not affect their appearance, which is very important to teens. In fact, because Invisalign braces are clear they are invisible and many times their friends have no idea that they are even wearing braces.

4.     Teens like Invisalign braces because they are aesthetically pleasing. This way they get the perfect teeth they want but without the embarrassment of those ugly metal braces.

5.     Teens heading off to college love the Invisalign braces because they can easily remove them anytime they wish to and then can be worn again without an orthodontist visit. These clear braces are completely invisible and so they don’t clash with what your teen is wearing or their personality.

6.     The teenager can wear the set of Invisalign braces for a few weeks, and then when it is time they can graduate to the next set level. This results in movements that are gradual and in small increment towards the direction the teeth are being trained to move. The teeth aligners move easily for cleaning, which is certainly a benefit over the metal braces where it is difficult to clean the original teeth.

Contact Beach Braces to see if you qualify for Invisalign Teen and to schedule your free orthodontic consultation by clicking here today!

Patricia J. Panucci DmD, MS • Invisalign Teen Preferred Provider in Manhattan Beach and the South Bay area.

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Invisalign Teen

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