Does Invisalign work?

Is Invisalign worth the Resources?

If you have crooked or misaligned teeth, but you want to avoid the unsightly process of getting braces, Invisalign is a wonderful treatment option. Not only will this process give you a beautiful looking image that will boost your self-esteem and make you smile more, but it will also give you more healthy oral health for years to come. When it comes to finding an Invisalign Manhattan Beach orthodontist, here is the information you should be considering to know that getting this process completed will work for you.

How Do The Aligners Work?

During the time that you are getting this treatment, you will get multiple different aligners from your Invisalign preferred provider. Little by little, the aligners will work to straighten your teeth and shift them into the correct position. Once you have completed each session, you can then visit your orthodontist to get the new set placed, so that your teeth will continue the transitional process. Invisalign uses a patented thermoplastic design that will move a patient’s teeth by force into an appropriate position. Because the treatment will only move certain teeth at a time, your orthodontist will use their expertise to ensure determine how to correctly use the aligners for you.

How Long Does The Process Take?

Most traditional braces will take multiple years, if not more, to completely straighten your teeth. However, getting Invisalign from a Manhattan Beach orthodontist will take much less time. As mentioned above, you will have to go back to your orthodontist a few times throughout the process, however it will still be much less of a time commitment than typical braces treatments. Your orthodontist will work with you throughout the process to inform you of how long you should expect for the process to be for you.

Why Should I Consider This Treatment Over Traditional Braces?

We live in a world where photography and social media puts our entire lives on display almost every second of the day. For those that have unsightly teeth, getting treatment to straighten them out can do wonders for self-esteem and confidence. However, with braces, those feelings are often diminished, as people are concerned with others looking at the metal affixed to their teeth. However, with your treatment from an Invisalign preferred provider, you can now start working towards beautiful teeth, without the downtime that comes from braces. Furthermore, braces are a type of treatment that can often make normal activities more difficult, such as eating food and making sure that you don’t get any remains stuck in your teeth. However, Invisalign can be removed, cleaned and then quickly placed back in your teeth, to ensure that you are continually working on treatment, without the concerns that come with traditional braces.

If you are looking for beautiful teeth through an Invisalign Manhattan Beach orthodontist, you can rely on Patricia Panucci, DMD. She specializes in children orthodontic treatments for children and adults, so she can help people of all ages get the smile they’ve always dreamed of. Consider contacting your Invisalign preferred provider for getting your treatment started today. It won’t take long before you realize it can work for you!

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Does Invisalign Work?

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Be a Smile on Someone Else’s Face!

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Smile Quote # 34: “For a Moment Atleast, be a Smile on Someone Else’s Face”- Dejan Stojanovic

One of the nicest parts about a smile is that it can be shared and very easily returned by everyone around us. This means that every moment that we choose to smile could be a moment that our smile is returned back to us by a passer-by, co-worker, family member or a friend. Think of some of the people that inspire you and make you happy on any given day, when we imagine them smiling it almost makes us want to smile too. You can have the same effect in somebody else’s life and really all you need to do to share this wonderful feeling is to share your smile as often as possible.

Having one of these moments in our day can completely turn it around and make us feel much better. If you are experiencing a difficult time or a particularly stressful day taking the time to smile and share a smile with somebody else can make a true difference. Even if it’s just for a moment, this quote is a true prescription for increasing positivity in your life.

However, saying that you will spend time smiling and actually sharing a smile are two different things. It can be difficult for some people to share their smile with others because they are embarrassed of the type of smile that they have. Luckily there are solutions to this problem, which come in the form of professional orthodontic treatment.  With Dr. Patricia Panucci and her team at Beach Braces, it’s possible to receive your ideal smile so that you no longer have to hide your teeth or hide sharing a smile with the people around you. With the help of our team we can help you share your smile with others and create inspiration every day. You can contact us today for making an appointment.

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Be a Smile on Someone Else’s Face!

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Photogenic Smiling

Updated: 31/07/16

Some History about Smiling in Photographs

smilingSmiling when we have our picture taken is so natural it would seem that people have been doing it since the camera was first invented. But if you’ve ever looked at old photos from the 19th century, you’ve probably noticed that people back then had serious, tight-lipped expressions on their faces in pictures. Was life so hard in those days that no one felt like smiling? No, that’s probably not it. There are a lot of theories as to why 19th-century folks kept straight faces for photos, and why the trend changed towards smiling later on.

Taking a Picture Back Then Took a Long Time

Before cameras, people didn’t usually smile when they had their portraits painted, probably because they had to sit for a long time for portraits and it’s hard to keep a smile pasted on your face for that long. The first people who ever sat for photographs may have assumed the non-smiling portrait tradition was logical, and besides, the first cameras required that the subjects of photos sit still for a long time too. The very first photo ever taken was taken from a window in France, and it took 8 hours to expose. That was in 1826, but by 1939 photos only took 15 minutes. Still, that’s a long time to sit with a smile on your face: hard enough for adults and probably even harder for children.

Getting Your Picture Taken Was a Serious Business

People in the past considered getting a photo taken to be a serious affair, sort of like getting married or receiving a college diploma. Today this may seem silly, but back then, people rarely owned their own cameras, and gathering the family for a portrait was time-consuming, expensive, and basically a big event.

Bad Teeth?

It’s true that people in the 19th century didn’t have easy or affordable access to dentists, and as a result, many people had bad teeth. But since bad teeth were so common, it probably wouldn’t have been a big embarrassment to show them in a photo. It’s unlikely; therefore, that this was the reason people didn’t smile for pictures.

Today it’s another story. Smiling in photos probably became popular when home cameras became available and affordable, and photography sessions ceased to be formal occasions. However it started, there’s no doubt that today smiling when you have your picture taken is virtually a requirement. And people who have bad teeth today know all too well that it definitely is embarrassing to smile in photos. Those Hollywood smiles are what people want to see in pictures, and if you don’t have one, you either smile with your lips tightly closed, or avoid having your picture taken at all.

If you’ve ever wished you had a better smile, an orthodontist in Manhattan Beach can help. Dr. Patricia Panucci is a Manhattan Beach orthodontist who is committed to working with her patients to help them achieve optimum oral health and a great smile. Her orthodontic practice, Beach Braces, offers several types of braces including metal, clear, Invisalign and lingual (behind the teeth) braces. Call Beach Braces now for a consultation appointment and start on your way to a better smile, and better pictures.

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Photogenic Smiling

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Your Life is What you Make it


Smile Quote # 31: “Anyone Who has a Continuous Smile on his Face Conceals a Toughness that’s Almost Frightening” – Greta Garbo

Getting through tough situations sometimes requires much more than keeping a tough exterior throughout. When we smile we can take on just about any difficult situation. Keeping positive on the inside and the outside is how we can deal with serious issues we face every day. Just as the quote would suggest someone who constantly remains positive could be one of the absolute toughest people you know.

They are always ready to combat any negativity in their lives and meet it head on with positivity. When we smile it only encourages positivity in ourselves and in the people around us. A smile usually brings about even more smiles which are returned to us. Even something as simple as that action can make us feel much better when we are experiencing difficulty in our lives. For some individuals however it can be difficult to constantly share a smile with the people around them, and this is usually because they don’t have confidence in their smile. Luckily it is possible to help you bring back the confidence in your smile so that you can have the tough exterior that you need to increase positivity in your life.

With the specialists available in Manhattan Beach from Dr. Patricia Panucci’s Beach Braces, you can receive a wide array of treatments that can help you down the path to creating your ideal smile. This team has helped hundreds of people in the Manhattan Beach area to find their smile and have the confidence to smile again. If you have lost confidence in your smile and you need the help to bring it out again work with the orthodontic experts at Dr. Patricia Panucci Beach Braces. We are accepting appointments for free consultations today.

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Your Life is What you Make it

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Smile: It Enhances many Lives, Including Yours


Smile Quote # 30: “A Smile is like A Tight Underwear – It Makes your Cheeks Go up.”

A lot of things can make a smile and it’s true that we all smile in very different ways but ultimately the best smiles are the ones that make their cheeks go all the way up and expose our beautiful teeth. The best part about sharing one of these big toothy grins was someone else is that most of the time it’s returned which can make your smile last even longer.

With a smile on our face we can appear much sexier and much more approachable. Just as a nice outfit or nice underwear might make us feel more confident, in many cases all we need to boost our confidence is a great smile. Our smile is perhaps one of the best weapons that we can use when it comes to meeting new people and gaining acceptance in many social situations. You should never be afraid to hide your smile and should always embrace showing off a great big smile whenever you can.

For many people however, it can be very difficult to show off this big smile and to let their cheeks go up and expose their teeth whenever they want to share a smile with others. Without having the ability to show off their smile people may not know just how much of life that they might be missing out on. A smile is an unspoken communication device and if you are afraid to use it, you never know the types of connections that you might be missing.

If you need help restoring confidence in your smile contact the experts at Dr. Patricia Panucci’s Beach Braces. The team can assess your situation and provide you with treatment options to suit your lifestyle and condition. You could be showing off a brand-new confident smile in no time with the help of the team in Manhattan Beach.

Beach Braces , 1730 Manhattan Beach Blvd. Suite B, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

TEL: 310-379-0006 Fax: (310) 379-7051.

Smile: It Enhances many Lives, Including Yours

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Clean Retainers, Healthy Gums

The Best Way to Clean Your Retainer

Cleaning your retainer is extremely important no matter how often you need to wear it. After hours of wearing your retainer it really won’t take long for bacteria and plaque to start to build up on the appliance. Because we spend so much time cleaning our teeth and mouth to reduce the buildup of plaque and bacteria it doesn’t make sense for us to use a device that is covered with these materials which can compromise our oral health. This bacteria can also make the retainer look very dirty and sometimes amid a bit of an odor which can give us bad breath and also make us really apprehensive on using the appliance regularly. There are a number of great ways that you can clean your retainer and we will discuss them in this article.

1. Retainer cleaning solution: From your orthodontist you can receive a special solution which is designed to clean retainers. It works similar to mouthwash and all you need to do is soak your retainer in this antibacterial mixture when you aren’t using it. This mixture has been created so that it won’t damage any of the components of the retainer and will also work to clean and sanitize all of the bacteria and plaque that might be on the device. It’s usually best to give your retainer a quick brush over with your toothbrush as well to remove any caked on plaque that you might find on the device before submerging it in the retainer cleaning solution.

2. Baking soda solution: Toothpastes have baking soda right in them because it can work well as a cleaning solution. By mixing baking soda with water you can create a paste that is very much the same consistency as toothpaste. With this baking soda solution you can brush over your entire retainer with your toothbrush. After brushing your entire orthodontic appliance make sure to give it a good rinse. Baking soda solutions work great for keeping your retainer fresh and free of bacteria.

3. Denture cleaner: Denture cleaner actually works fairly well at cleaning retainers as well. You can purchase denture cleaner from a pharmacy or many grocery stores as well. Your retainer will need to soak in the cleaner for around 15 to 20 min. to eliminate all of the bacteria. After your retainer has soaked rants your retainer and brush it thoroughly with your toothbrush. This will remove any excess plaque or caked on debris. If you can soak your retainer in mouthwash for around 20 min. this will also eliminate extra bacteria and give it a clean and fresh scent. Be sure to avoid alcohol-based mouthwashes as these can degrade some plastics in the orthodontic appliance.

Feel free to visit or call Beach Braces if you require more tips on cleaning your retainer or you would like to purchase some special cleaner for properly sterilizing orthodontic appliances. As always if you ever had any issues with your retainer or require adjustments Beach Braces is available for appointments and replacement appliance visits.

Beach Braces 1730 Manhattan Beach Blvd. Suite B, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

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Clean Retainers, Healthy Gums

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An Early Orthodontic Consultation – A key to a Perfect Smile

When is the right time for an orthodontic checkup?

The short answer to this question is no later than the age of seven years old.

When most people think of orthodontics and patients who have received orthodontic treatment, they think of older children and teenagers. Receiving an early evaluation however can be one of the best ways that you can prepare yourself for an orthodontic treatment as well as get any early treatment out of the way in the event that a child may need two stage treatment. There are number of advantages to your child seeing an orthodontist no later than the age of seven and this figure has been determined by the American Association of Orthodontists.

Benefits of an Early Evaluation

Early evaluation can allow an orthodontist to spot any problems with the growth of a child’s jaw or with teeth as they are just starting to emerge and replace baby teeth. Even though a child’s baby teeth may appear straight but their emerging teeth may tell a different story. Taking the time to do x-rays early on can help an orthodontist to better identify problems and change the way that teeth impact and grow in. If jaws are misaligned, these issues can be fixed using nonsurgical methods. Resetting a jawline can be much more difficult in older patients as the bone structure is more permanently formed and far more difficult to manipulate.

An orthodontic checkup at an early age can help an orthodontist to monitor your child’s jaw growth and development to make sure that everything will form correctly. Monitoring this growth will allow an orthodontist to intervene if there are any issues so that manipulations can be made to make sure that a child’s smile has a chance to come in naturally.

The Risks of Avoiding Early Treatment

Serious and complicated issues can also occur without proper monitoring. A child could have issues with chewing, speaking or breathing if his or her permanent teeth are allowed to come in without proper consultation.

Early treatment reduces the amount of trauma when it comes to overall orthodontic treatment. It can help to improve appearance as a child grows, can help to lower the risk of serious issues arising and also can work to guide the growth and formation of jaws before they set in place.

Early treatment really is the best way that you can give your child an opportunity to form a perfect healthy smile.

If you have a child that requires early treatment or consultation please call Beach Braces today and we can schedule you an appointment.

Beach Braces 1730 Manhattan Beach Blvd. Suite B, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
TEL: 310-379-0006 Fax: (310) 379-7051.
An Early Orthodontic Consultation – A key to Perfect Smile

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Invisalign v Braces

What are The Five C’s? [Of Invisalign & Invisalign Teen]

Invisalign is a revolutionary new orthodontic treatment that allows patients to straighten their teeth without the use of traditional metal braces. Whilst traditional metal braces have worked and evolved for decades to include increased comfort, shorter treatment times and more fine-tuned adjustments, Invisalign is really the next step in orthodontic treatment that many adults and teens are interested in receiving for convenience.

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Invisible Braces

Want to straighten your teeth without your friends noticing it? Then wearing invisible braces might just answer your every need.

Invisalign Teen

Invisalign Braces

Invisible braces, also known as Invisalign, allow you to correct different teeth misalignment problems ranging from several months to few years depending on individual case. Invisalign is a method for straightening your teeth using clear aligners developed by Align Technology. Countless individuals have already tried and benefitted on this kind of method more than what they expected for. Aside from perfectly aligning teeth during the course of the patient’s treatment, it also offers a lot of advantages compared to traditional fixed metal braces.

First, as these aligners are invisible, there would be no impact on the patients’ self-esteem while under treatment. Patients’ confidence are even boosted knowing that in few months or years, they can finally have their desired smiles without having to suffer during the treatment process.

Second, since Invisalign consist of removable teeth aligners, it will be easier for the patient to remove the appliances if necessary. Among the instances wherein the removable aligners have advantage are eating, brushing, flossing, engaging in extreme sports, playing musical instruments, and even public speaking. Since patients are required to wear the aligners for at least 22 hours a day, keeping track of time is necessary as well as discipline.

Lastly, Invisalign is more comfortable to wear than the traditional metal braces as clear aligners are made of special plastic that won’t irritate gums and tongue. Since there are no tie wires and other metal parts, swelling is minimized hence increasing the comfort while decreasing the pain felt by the patients. If you can have the desired results without going through a lot of adjustments, discomforts, and pain, then why not grab the opportunity to do so?

Being a breakthrough in the field of orthodontics, Invisalign was able to change how patients view orthodontic treatments and how they perceive the experiences of others who have gone through the treatment. After all, everyone loves to have a perfect smile but not all of them are willing to sacrifice their current smiles for a better one in the future. Hence, invisible braces (Invisalign) are the best option there is.

Contact us for a free consultation and get more information about orthodontic treatments.

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Invisible Braces