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Improve Your Smile and Change Your Life

 A study conducted by psychologist Rich Walker of Winston-Salem State University found that people that engaged in a variety of experiences held on to more positive emotions and fewer negative ones than people with less diverse experiences.

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New You, New Year, New Smile List 2017

As the new year dawns, it’s a time for fresh starts and new experiences. If you have been concerned about your smile, make the new year – new you time to do something about it. Improving your smile is as simple as having professional orthodontic work done in a relatively short span of time. Here are 5 reasons to consult an orthodontist about your smile in the coming year.

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Can Orthodontic Treatment Improve Your Future?

A healthy mouth and teeth are incredibly important to both our physical health and mental well-being. Basic dental care and appointments are essential, but sometimes not enough. Furthermore, orthodontics is the practice of treating irregularities of the teeth which impact the mouth or jaw.

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Orthodontic Reputation Checklist 2017


What Makes a Good Orthodontist?

An orthodontist’s prime duty is to deal with correcting misaligned or malpositioned teeth. However, like many professions, there’s a difference between a good orthodontic specialist, and just an okay one. Here’s what makes an orthodontic practice a good one.

The Character of the Orthodontic Specialist

Just like any doctor, you want an orthodontic specialist who carries themselves in a way that makes you feel like you’re in good hands. This doesn’t apply just to the doctor. You would want everyone in the office to have a modicum of professionalism. The staff is an extension of this.
If you walk in, or call, and don’t feel at ease, then you will likely not want to deal with the practice.

A good orthodontic practice knows this and builds a reputation on it. The office will do everything possible to make you understand they know they’re doing. They want you to feel comfortable while they do it.


The Integrity of the Orthodontic Practice

Integrity is extremely important, and it consists of a lot of different things.

The truth about procedures and pricing – The practice should remain upright and honest about all things. This can include pricing, how a procedure works, and what outcomes to expect. For example, when discussing pricing for a procedure, the practice should readily let you know what that price includes. Is everything in there?

  • Appointments
  • Appliances (and additional appliances)
  • X-rays
  • Retainers
  • Other fees

The office should let you know if everything is included, or if you’re paying piecemeal for certain things. If they offer payment options, they should let you know about all the ones available to you, and not just the ones they would prefer you use. In addition, the office should make absolutely sure of what your insurance can and cannot cover. From there they should work with you to fill in any gaps in your coverage.

Establishing trust – You should find it easy to trust the practice and everything it does. The practice shouldn’t hold back any information from you about anything concerning a procedure.

Showing references and allowing you to look into the practice – The practice should offer references. You should be able to look up reviews of the practice and see what others have to say. Finally, peruse the practice’s website for testimonials. All of these things tie into the office’s integrity.


Professional Associations, Accreditation, and Ongoing Training

You want a Board Certified specialist. Board certification means the specialist has gone through 100’s of hours of training beyond what they need to claim the title of Orthodontist. This points to a degree of dedication above and beyond the norm.

In fact, that certification must be renewed every 10 years. This means the specialist goes through continuing training. Continuing training means the specialist is up-to-date with their knowledge and the techniques involved with orthodontics.


When on the practice’s website, you can also look for logos indicating they are a part of professional associations and boards.

Only specialists can claim the AAO association. All other associations and boards typically include AAO certified specialists. There are also associations by locality and greater geographic area. Associations and group affiliations show you are dealing with a professional.

Specifically, you’re dealing with a professional that maintains their credentials. These distinctions are important. They differentiate an orthodontic specialist from those who just practice some aspects of orthodontic dentistry.


Reputation is Key

A good orthodontic practice will offer various options, and help you to choose which will work best for you. That also means the practice should have the equipment and technology available to do the kind of work you need.
For example, if you had your heart set on clear aligners, you wouldn’t want the specialist to tell you that’s just not possible. You wouldn’t want them to say they don’t have the proper equipment.

The practice should let you know exactly why you’re not a candidate, and offer you a solution. Or, they should let you know there are alternatives that can work better or cost less.


The Ability to Answer Any and All Questions

A good orthodontic specialist can and should answer all of your questions. In fact, you should compile a list of questions to ask before your first visit. There’s no reason a specialist or the office cannot answer even your most detailed questions. Questions about treatment:

  • What does whole treatment plan entail?
  • When’s the best time to start the treatment?
  • Are there alternatives to the particular treatment?
  • What happens if you don’t go through with the treatment?
  • Questions about timeframes
  • Questions about all costs
  • What should you do between visits?
  • Questions about the practice and prices
  • How long has the practice existed?
  • How long has the specialist practiced?
  • Does the office have any references

Correspondingly, a good practice will not leave you in the dark about anything you want to know. So feel free to ask your questions. The practice should give you straightforward and honest answers to your questions, without fail.


A Good Rapport with Children and Young Adults

Many people who need braces find out at an early age. That means the specialist should have a good rapport with young people. Both the specialist and the office should make young people feel comfortable and welcome.
The specialists should have the ability to put both parents and children at ease about any procedure. They should have the ability to explain to both you and your child what a procedure entails and how it will affect their life.

This means the specialist should have compassion and empathy, as well as an overall friendly demeanor.
All of these things are the hallmark of a good orthodontic specialist. They’re also all signs the orthodontist has a reputation that he or she cares about and cultivates. Therefore, if you want a good orthodontic specialist, start with the professionals at Beach Braces, an orthodontic practice for all ages.


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Orthodontic Reputation Checklist 2017

4 Best Ways to Wear a Great Smile 2016


Wear an Attractive Smile

When you get dressed in the morning, make sure to smile and look at your teeth because nothing you wear is more important than your smile. If you are spending hundreds of dollars on expensive blouses and slacks, then you can also invest in repairing your teeth by visiting an orthodontist. The first thing that someone notices about you is your smile instead of your outfit, so when you decide to learn more about modern orthodontic treatment, you are making a great choice. At an orthodontic facility, you will undergo a complete examination to determine if you have mild, moderate or severe malocclusions of your teeth.

Straighten Your Teeth

If you have a few teeth that are misaligned, then you are likely a candidate for Invisalign aligners. These plastic aligners are clear, and you can smile throughout the day without anyone noticing the devices. You must wear your aligners as much as possible, but it is possible to remove the devices when you are eating food or brushing your teeth. After two weeks, you will throw away the old aligners to change to a new set. Alternatively, if you have severely misaligned teeth, then you need to wear braces for two to four years. Fortunately, there are lingual devices that you can wear on the backs of your teeth to ensure that your smile is still gorgeous.

Call Our Orthodontist

To schedule your first appointment in California, call Beach Braces in Manhattan Beach. Dr. Patricia J. Panucci offers expert orthodontic care to adults, children, and teenagers with these types of orthodontic devices:

• Braces – lingual or self-ligating
• Invisalign – for adults and teenagers
• AcceleDent Aura – reduces orthodontic treatment time
• Colorful brackets – requested by teenagers and children

Call our orthodontist today at 310-379-0006 for a free consultation to learn how to wear a gorgeous smile for the rest of your life.

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4 Ways to Wear a Great Smile

How to Maintain Your Braces


How to Maintain Your Braces

Braces can make oral care difficult, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it. In many ways, they make maintaining proper oral hygiene even more important. If you want to have a beautiful smile once your teeth are properly straightened and aligned. You will need to take the necessary measures to maintain your teeth and braces.

Proper brace maintenance should be discussed with your orthodontist. However, this guide can give you a quick, go-to resource for understanding the needs of your brace and your teeth.
While each brace is doing its job to put your teeth into the proper alignment, they can also make it difficult to follow an oral hygiene routine. As the brace has more hooks, curves, and corners than our teeth, food particles can get trapped more easily.

To properly maintain your braces, here are a few cleaning habits you should adopt:

Clean Often:

• Clean Often: You may be used to hearing that you should brush twice a day. During the tooth-straightening procedure, you may find that you need to brush more often. Because the food can become trapped more easily, you are at a higher risk of growing harmful bacteria. To be safe, you should try to brush after every time you eat. This can dislodge any food that has become trapped in a brace or wire. If you don’t have a toothbrush available, try rinsing with water.

Use The Right Brush:

• Use The Right Brush: You may think that a hard bristle toothbrush is best for cleaning but it can actually be damaging. Additionally, the stiffness of the brush bristles can make it difficult to really get under the wire or shape around the brace. Instead, choose a soft bristle brush that can form around each brace and move between the wires. You should be able to feel the bristles between your wires.


• Floss: Flossing is important for everyone, but your wires can make it a little more difficult to properly floss. However, you shouldn’t stop flossing just because it is a little more difficult. In many ways, flossing is even more important because of how easily food can get trapped. If you’re really struggling to floss, talk to your orthodontist about special accessories that can make it easier. Floss threaders allow you to easily get between the wires or you can even use special floss that has a thicker end.

Use Mouthwash:

• Use Mouthwash: Mouthwash is recommended when trying to maintain oral hygiene. It can help deliver a punch of antibacterial power to your teeth and gums. Because it is so easy for food to be trapped in your teeth, mouthwash can help rinse that food away and kill any bacteria it may have caused. Mouthwash can also help relieve irritation and reduce swelling that can be caused by a brace or wire rubbing on your mouth or gums. Antibacterial properties can keep cuts or sores clean so that they can heal quickly and properly.

Avoid Certain Foods:

• Avoid Certain Foods: Cleaning our teeth properly isn’t the only thing we should do to keep each brace strong and intact. There are also some foods that you will want to avoid to ensure you have a beautiful smile when all the metal comes off. Foods to avoid include anything sweet or sugary, such as sodas or candies. Because the sugar has a better chance of getting stuck in your teeth, there is also a bigger chance that you will experience tooth decay. Sticky foods, like gum or caramel, should also be avoided because they can pull a brace from your tooth. Hard foods, like nuts or popcorn, can break your wires.

Eat Low Acidity Foods:

• Eat Low Acidity Foods: If you’re wondering what you can eat that won’t damage your brackets or wires, focus on foods with low acidity levels. These will not cause damage to your tooth enamel. Low acidity foods include eggs, milk, bananas and seafood. Vegetables, potatoes, and yogurt are also low acidity so they can be incorporated into your diet as much as you would like.

The Importance of Brace Maintenance

As you probably already know, undergoing a treatment to straighten your teeth can be expensive. But if you take proper care of your teeth, the beautiful smile you’ll have after you’re done will be well worth the money. However, if you don’t take care of your brackets and wires, you won’t get the smile you’re after. Or it will take longer to see your best results.

Don’t compromise a beautiful smile just because you’re feeling lazy. Ignoring your brushing or flossing for just one night allows tooth-damaging bacteria to grow. This can leave you with tooth decay or gum disease. While proper maintenance and oral hygiene can take a few minutes to complete, having a healthy smile that you can’t wait to show off will be worth it.


Be sure to discuss the unique needs of your mouth, brackets, wires, and teeth. Because each individual is different and will have different components of their procedure, you may need to take additional steps to ensure they are properly maintained. Have your orthodontist walk you through the various steps of a proper cleaning and what else you should be doing at home to maintain your smile.

If you have questions about brackets, wires, or other teeth straightening procedures, contact the expert dental team at BeachBraces. As leaders in the orthodontics industry, we have helped individuals of all ages and will all different needs get the smile they have always dreamed of. If you’re ready to make an appointment and begin discussing what your orthodontic options are, you can contact our Manhattan Beach office at 310-379-0006.

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.How to Maintain Your Braces

international smile

All People Smile in the Same Language

international smile

All People Smile in the Same Language

A smile can be at once disarming, friendly, and confident — it helps show other people that you care about them, that you’re interested in what they have to say, and that you are satisfied and happy. The communicatory power of a smile is truly extraordinary: people do not have to speak your language or know anything about you to appreciate the power of your smile. Visiting an orthodontist to be fitted for braces or an Invisalign retainer can help you find more confidence in yourself and your teeth — and thus give you even more of a reason to smile!

The technology behind brace fixtures has improved tremendously since the introduction of the clunky metal food traps that you saw as a kid. Behind-the-teeth, lingual and empower braces all help align crooked teeth and correct over and underbites without being obtrusive, uncomfortable, or unattractive. Adults who are reluctant to receive orthodontic treatment often cite concerns over appearance and discomfort, but new style orthodontic appliances remove these concerns from the picture entirely.

The Future is Here

Invisalign treatment devices have advanced even further in a short time. Because they are easily customizable, simple to remove, and incredibly effective, they have rapidly surpassed other appliances for the most trusted teeth straightening method. 3-D computer graphics technology makes for an incredibly precise fit, and expert calibration means that you hardly ever even feel the retainer as it is in your mouth.

Having confidence in your smile has a myriad of benefits — strangers become friends more easily, your work colleagues and bosses will notice a greater level of comfort with you, and people will remember your face and demeanour more positively. Manhattan Beach, California, is a beautiful place — a place like that deserves an equally beautiful face!

Visit or contact Beach Braces orthodontist today to set up a consultation and determine the best path for you to achieve all of your grinning goals.

Beach Braces Orthodontics
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All People Smile in the Same Language



teen invisalign smile

Why Teenagers Go for Invisalign?

Why Teenagers Go for Invisalign? teen invisalign smile

In the past, a trip to the orthodontist for a teenager almost guaranteed a mouth full of metal. While parents reassured these teens that it was “for their own good,” the thought of spending a majority of their high school years with hardware on their teeth was devastating. Many people have even opted to live with misaligned teeth as a way to avoid wearing these metal brackets.

Now, however, teens do not have to panic at the thought of having their teeth straightened. In many cases, the use of Invisalign can straighten their teeth without any noticeable hardware on their teeth.

Why Teens Love Invisalign

Being a teenager is hard enough. There is already so much going on in their lives as they grow into adulthood that adding metal braces to the mix can be devastating. As everyone remembers from when they were a teen, being self-conscious is part of the teen years is something that is not often avoided. Adding large metal braces to this factor does not help with self-esteem issues.

Teens have found that using the clear plastic teeth straightening product, however, usually goes unnoticed by their peers. They can slip the device on their teeth and go about their daily routine without much notice to their teeth. If anything, as their teeth, begins to straighten, their confidence grows.

Eat What They Love

Another drawback to metal brackets is that you are restricted from many foods that teens enjoy. Simple pleasures like chewing gum and popcorn are forbidden when you have brackets, and eating an apple is only accomplished by cutting it into bite size pieces. While every orthodontist is going to recommend that their clients avoid candy, teens are bound to indulge and many candies can ruin metal brackets. When you are using this type of teeth straightening product, an indulgence once in a while on candy will not ruin the product.

Easier Oral Care

One of the most difficult tasks for teens wearing metal devices is proper oral care. These teens must take special care for flossing and brushing that go above and beyond a normal tooth care routine. When you are using the Invisalign product, tooth care remains easy, just brushing and flossing; this ensures that the teen will keep up their good oral hygiene routine.

In addition to easy oral care for the teeth and gums, cleaning and maintaining the aligner product is also quite simple. Patients who use this plastic aligner can clean them with specially formulated cleaning crystals each day. These cleaning crystals keep the product sparkling clean, free from plaque or other debris, and eliminate any type of odours that may occur from daily life. The ability to keep this product clean in such an easy manner is very beneficial to teens.

Sports And Other Activities

Being active in sports and other activities can be hampered when your teeth are covered in metal. Since many of these activities are very physical in nature, the chances of having an impact in the mouth area are high and can lead to injuries of the mouth if metal brackets are installed on the teeth.

How This Product Works

The largest reason that teens love this product is because of how easy it is to use and achieve results. There are never any wires to tighten; there are never any brackets to change. You are not required to wear rubber bands in your mouth, and you will never have to wear head gear.

When you decide to use this type of teeth straightening product, the orthodontist takes a mould of your mouth to determine the placement of your teeth and uses this to cast a mould of the teeth straightener. Using a specific calculation method, the aligner is created to gently begin to move your teeth into a different position. Once the aligner is completed, the teen simply slips on the clear plastic device and goes about their day.

About every two weeks a new aligner will be created to continue the straightening process. This process continues until the straightening is achieved. It is really that simple. invisalign teen smile

Confidence Levels Are Boosted

Confidence can help you achieve your goals and leads to many pleasurable things in life. Helping teens build confidence is one of the reasons parents choose to have teeth straightening performed for their teens. A person who is happy with their smile always feels more confident.

When you use an invisible straightening product, you are giving your teen a double-dose of confidence. Not only do they understand that their teeth will be straightened when the process is complete, they are comfortable knowing that they will not have large metal brackets installed on their teeth making them feel self-conscious.

This added confidence can make all the difference in the high school experience. Teens that would normally feel left out and excluded can feel confident in their appearance and achieve their desires and goals. Why confidence plays such a large part in the formative teen years is unknown, but it is something that will carry over for them into their adulthood.

Helping your teen achieve a smile that they desire is not as difficult as it used to be. It does not have to involve uncomfortable trips to the doctor for wire adjustments and bracket installations. It does not have to involve avoiding favorite foods or chewing gum. It does not have to involve avoiding sports or physical activities.

Teeth straightening in many cases can simply involve a clear plastic aligner that is easy to use, easy to clean and helps build self-confidence. Parents have grown to love these aligners and many wish that this product had been available when they were teens.

To find out if your teen is a good candidate for this type of teeth straightening program, you are encouraged to make an appointment with Beach Braces Orthodontics by calling 310 379 0006 or visiting our website at You can schedule an appointment online or over the phone for a consultation on this incredible teeth straightening product.

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Why Teenagers Go for Invisalign?





New Address & Expanded Services for Beach Braces

Beach Braces - Orthodontics for Ages - Manhattan Beach CADr. Patricia Panucci announces that her Manhattan Beach, California-based BEACH BRACES opens the doors to its new and expanded offices Tuesday, May 3 at 220 N. Aviation Blvd. Suite A. (Click here for directions)

The new home for the 11-year-old orthodontic practice is three times the size of the former location on Manhattan Beach Boulevard and offers patients additional state-of-the-art features such as an iCAT 3D scanner that allows the most thorough evaluation of individual patient needs (the only unit of its kind currently in a South Bay orthodontic office), the option of a semi-private procedure room, in addition to five chairs arranged in a large airy patient bay with ceiling “sky” lights, a full on-site technician lab for the preparation of appliances, iPad work stations and massage chairs for waiting patients and parents. Plus, there’s a “multi-media room” for patient before and after photos, social media, as well as green screen technology that allows patients and parents to explore the planet (and elsewhere), with fun and creative photography.

Beach Braces Dr. Panucci and team in new office

“The Beach Braces team has always prided ourselves on providing the latest in orthodontic technology and the best patient care. With our new location, we’ve added the most comfortable and attractive premises possible,” beams Dr.  Panucci.  “Our goal is to make “moving teeth” a fun experience.”

BEACH BRACES is a leading INVISALIGN ELITE provider, along with Invisalign Teen, Esthetic (clear) Braces, traditional metal braces, and Lingual Braces.

About the Company:

Beach Braces

220 N. Aviation Blvd. Suite A

Manhattan Beach, CA 90266


New Address & Expanded Services for Manhattan Beach Orthodontist

Share a Smile - Manhattan Beach

Share a smile!

Share a Smile - Manhattan Beach Orthodontist  Share a Smile - Manhattan Beach

Let’s spread great smiles by referring your friends and family to Beach Braces for a complimentary orthodontic consultation.

Present them with a “Share a Smile” card and simply have them call or email the office to schedule an appointment.

When they mention your name as the referral source, we will mail you a thank you a gift. Then, after they complete their consultation, your name goes into a monthly drawing to win a GRAND prize (valued at $100).

Each consultation earns you an entry.

Dr. Panucci

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Share a smile!

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