Which Retainer Suits You?

What Kind of Retainer After Braces is Better, Clear Plastic or Wire?

After someone undergoes orthodontic treatment and has their braces removed, it is recommended they wear a retainer to prevent the teeth from shifting position. However, there are several options to choose from when selecting a retainer, and some argument exists as to which is the better type. The two most common kinds are clear plastic and wire, and there are benefits and downsides to both types.

Wire Retainers

Wire retainers tend to be made of bendable wire and acrylic. The wire fits across the front of the teeth, while the acrylic is molded to fit the inside of the mouth. These retainers last for long periods of time without the need of replacement, and allow teeth to touch in a natural way. However, they’re also very noticeable, and sometimes cause patients to speak with a lisp. Many people dislike metal retainers for this reason. Wire retainers are also adjustable, so the orthodontist can make adjustments to it if necessary.

Clear Plastic

This is the most common type of retainer, as well as the most commonly known. The upside to clear plastic retainers is that they are nearly invisible, allowing patients to show off their newly straightened smiles. They are also sometimes more comfortable than wire retainers. However, clear plastic retainers have a tendency to wear out after a few years, and they don’t allow the top and bottom teeth to touch one another in a natural way. They also can be difficult to properly clean, and can trap water and other liquids against the teeth.

Which is better?

The ultimate choice of which retainer to use is up to the patient. Neither holds any significant medical advantage over the other; personal preference and comfort come largely into play. However, cost should also be considered; if someone is on a tight budget, wire retainers may be a better choice because of their increased longevity.

Retainers are necessary primarily because teeth have not stopped moving after the braces come off. While the teeth may be in the correct place, the muscles, gums, and jaw bone will not yet have adjusted to the change. As a result, the retainer helps to keep the teeth in the right place until the mouth adjusts as a whole. Retainers will need to be worn every day for around six months, and then only at night after that. After a few years, it is possible to only wear them a few nights per week. However, you should never stop wearing your retainer completely, lest the teeth become crooked again.

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Which Retainer Suits You?

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Super Sea Hawk Game #1: Dr. Patrica J. Panucci

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* this article was taken from: Sea Hawk Football Newsletter: August 23, 2014

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