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6 Month Orthodontic Treatment {The Facts}

You are ready to seek orthodontic treatment to improve your smile. It is the only thing that is going to address issues with teeth that are not straight. You are probably dealing with a combination of crowding and issues with your bite. It doesn’t matter how well you take care of your teeth. It doesn’t matter how hard you wish your teeth would straighten out. Your regular dentist can’t fix this problem but can help you to take care of your teeth.

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At 50 Years Old Will Braces work?

It’s always the right time to think about your smile, comfort and dental health. Although people often associate orthodontic care with teens and young adults, there are lots of grownups who spend time in an orthodontist’s chair. If you’ve been thinking about straightening your teeth, don’t let your age stop you. In most cases, even older teeth are strong enough to undergo orthodontic care. There are plenty of compelling reasons to seek orthodontic treatment and consider braces, even if you’re 50 or over.

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My Braces Didn’t Close the Spaces [Between My Teeth]

Having spaces between your teeth and large gaps can be detrimental to your self-esteem. If this has been a problem for you, you might want to consider seeing an orthodontist who is going to be able to fit you for orthodontic appliances that will truly work. Unfortunately, Invisalign alone isn’t always what’s the only thing needed to get those gaps to close. This is where you’re going to want to leave the work to be done by your team of orthodontic professionals.

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What Are [Orthodontic] Rubber Bands – How Do They Work?

Did you know that elastics were used before braces for teeth alignment? These elastic bands were first used in 1843 by Dr. Edward Maynard to align the top and bottom row teeth. In 1850, Dr. E.J Tucker further enhanced this technique by making the bands smaller to make them more comfortable in the patient’s mouth.

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Over Brushing [Your Teeth?] With Braces

Maintaining good dental hygiene is important for children and adults. For some people, problems arise when their teeth are not properly aligned. When this happens, it may become necessary to visit an orthodontist and be fitted with braces. As anyone who has ever worn braces can attest, brushing becomes more difficult and more important to keep food particles from building up between the wires and teeth. When parents get braces for kids, one of their first questions is: Can their child over brush while wearing braces?

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Why Aren’t My Child’s [Permanent] Teeth Coming In?

Losing a tooth is a sign that your child is growing and developing properly. A child’s permanent teeth may appear as quickly as a week or take up to six months to come in. However, if it seems like your child’s tooth is taking an especially long time to appear, and the maximum amount of time has passed, it may be time to pay your pediatric orthodontist a visit.

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Dr. Ronald L. Chung

Dr. Ronald L. Chung [Our Newest Expert]

To our Dear Patients & Friends: We are excited to announce the newest member of our team, Dr. Ronald L. Chung.  After a long search process, we have had the good fortune to find a truly outstanding and caring orthodontist to continue to deliver the quality and standard of care you have come to expect of Beach Braces. Dr. Chung comes to us with outstanding credentials.

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Will Braces Fix My Chin[Shape]?

Braces or struts are devices that orthodontists use on their patients to help straighten, align, and position teeth in the proper way, according to a person’s bite. They also help improve a person’s dental health. These devices not only focus on the teeth but also the jaw and are used to fix problems related to the two. They can either be cosmetic or structural and are often used with other orthodontic appliances in widening the jaws or palate, thus helping shape your teeth and jaws.

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[Braces] – What Happens Post treatment?

Every orthodontic patient looks forward to the day when their braces finally come off. Whether your treatment took a few months or over a year, this is certainly a special moment that deserves to be celebrated. After all, you made a commitment to improving your oral health, and you saw it through.

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Invisalign Express Cost [for Only Upper Teeth]

Invisalign Express is an option for you if you don’t quite need the same level of treatment that some other patients need on their teeth. For example, you may only need the upper or lower row of teeth in your mouth straightened. The following is some information for your reference about the cost of such a procedure and how it may differ from some other forms of treatment.

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