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Smile and Gratitude Will Make you Stronger

Gratitude can be traced back to a happy, satisfied heart. However, people can’t really see a happy heart. They can see your smile, though. Make sure you show the best smile possible to everyone. At Beach Braces, Dr. Panucci, the orthodontist, can give you a fantastic smile. Using it often will be up to you.

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Acceledent: Accelerating Orthodontic Procedures

Acceledent – Faster and More Comfortable Orthodontic Treatment

Beach Braces, OrthodonticsBraces are able to straighten teeth by the application of force as a means of realigning them gradually by a reshaping of the surrounding bone. How long it takes for this procedure to complete will differ greatly depending on the person. However, it usually takes more than a year. As a way of making this process go faster, OrthoAccell Technologies has created the AcceleDent system. Vibration is utilized by the appliance, speeding up the process dramatically. It is an appliance that is non-invasive and removable. A person will wear the appliance in his or her mouth for only 20 minutes each day. Since the process of straightening the teeth has been cut down considerably with this appliance, it is perfect for making 6 month smiles. The appliance is completely FDA approved, so you can be rest assured that it has been thoroughly tested and is safe for you or your children to use.

Clinical trial:

AcceleDent was the subject of a randomized clinical trial that proved beyond the shadow of a doubt how effective the appliance is when it comes to accelerating the process of straightening teeth. In the trial, the appliance increased the movement of teeth by 106 percent during the phase of initial alignment and between 38 and 50 percent during closure of extraction space. The study did not reveal any signs of teeth roots being damaged or other problems that might have been caused by the appliance.

Many years in development:

The increased rate of tooth movement that the study revealed basically means that the time a patient undergoes orthodontic treatment can be shortened by a minimum of five months during the initial two stages of the treatment. The science that this appliance uses took years of research to successfully develop. Dr. Jeremy Mao, Professor of Orthodontics at Columbia University College of Dental Medicine, is one of the people responsible for the device’s creation. His work was critical in understanding the therapeutic effect that pulsatile forces can have in the acceleration of bone modeling.

How does Acceledent work?

Patented SoftPulse Technology applies micropulses that are specifically calibrated for each individual patient. These micropulses will gently cause the acceleration of teeth movement. The direction your teeth are going will be monitored by your orthodontist during the entire process. Conventional orthodontic treatment is perfectly complimented by the safe and gentle acceleration of the process of bone remodeling. The SoftPulse Technology micropulses are made to exert up to eight times less force than that of an electric toothbrush. This will make your orthodontic treatment process much easier than if you were wearing traditional braces.


If you are not happy with your teeth and you want to find out what your options are, please contact Beach Braces today and schedule a free consultation. Dr. Patricia J. Panucci and our friendly and professional staff will help you to obtain a smile you can be proud of. Beach Braces is conveniently located in Manhattan Beach. For more information about the services we offer, visit our website.

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Acceledent: Accelerating Orthodontic Procedures

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Acceledent, a new method to shorten your orthodontic treatment time

What is Acceledent ?

Acceledent is a brand-new treatment method that works to dramatically decrease treatment times for orthodontic patients. Acceledent is a revolutionary new system that works in conjunction with orthodontic appliances to cut the length of treatment times in half. If you lead a busy lifestyle and would like to severely accelerate the length of your treatment, Acceledent may be for you.


Instead of having to wear braces for up to two years, with the help of Acceledent you may be able to reduce the length of your treatment to even less than one year with braces on. We understand that orthodontic appliances can be a minor inconvenience for many of our patients this is why we are please to offer up this clinically proven method for moving teeth up to 50% faster.

Acceledent works by applying specially calibrated micro-pulses through a special mouthpiece that is designed to gradually accelerate the movement of your teeth with orthodontic appliances. This patented soft pulse technology will very gently vibrate through your teeth and gums to gently move teeth into position and accelerate teeth movement guided by your existing orthodontic appliance. These micro-pulses are extremely safe and work to accelerate tooth movement and bone remodeling.

Acceledent is 100% approved by the FDA and has been used by thousands of patients across the world since 2009. Although not every Orthodontist can offer  Acceledent we are pleased to confirm this treatment is available at our office.

Acceledent works by inserting a special mouthpiece with the pulse activator for  20 minutes a day. If patients can commit to using Acceledent for  at least 20 minutes a day with the special mouthpiece, they can see a real impact when it comes to their orthodontic treatment. Mouthpieces need to be fitted specifically around your orthodontic appliances and this may require a special mould. Care and cleaning for mouthpieces is also included in the Acceledent package so that you can effectively sanitize the mouthpiece after you complete treatment.

With new tools such as Acceledent orthodontists are making treatment options for fixing and straightening teeth much quicker than ever before. Braces used to be a large inconvenience, as Acceledent continues to develop there is no telling where the future of orthodontic technology can go.

Contact us for a free consultation and get more information about Acceledent.

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 Acceledent, a new method to shorten your Orthodontic treatment time.