Smiles Are Great Investments 2017

Smiles are great investments: the more you collect, the better you feel. Have you ever had a perfect stranger make your day just by giving you a friendly smile? You can pass that gift along by sharing your smile with others. If you are shy about smiling, consider these suggestions to make your smile more attractive and make you more confident.


1. Whiten Your Teeth

Many people are embarrassed by yellow-stained enamel. Luckily there are many products on the market that can remove stains and make your teeth whiter. Selections range from whitening toothpaste to gels in trays. If you’re not sure which would work best for you, talk to your orthodontist.


2. Straighten Your Teeth

A lot of us have crooked teeth. The problem can be treated by your orthodontist with braces or Invisalign. These devices are worn over a period of time and slowly nudge the teeth into their proper places. Many people prefer Invisalign to braces because Invisalign is very nearly invisible.


3. Brush and Floss Your Teeth Two Times Daily

Probably the easiest way to have a great smile is to take care of your teeth on a regular basis. Brush up and down on both sides of your teeth. When you floss, slide the floss gently up and down and back and forth. You should also floss under the gumline. When you start flossing, your gums may bleed slightly. Keep flossing and the bleeding will stop in a few days.


4. Stop the Smoking Habit

Smoking can deeply stain the enamel of your teeth. Over time, the stains can become difficult if not impossible to remove. If you need help cutting out the cigarettes, your doctor may be able to prescribe medication that will help.

If you want to present the world with your best smile, pick up the phone now and call Beach Braces at 310-379-0006. Maybe your smile will make someone else’s day.


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Smiles Are Great Investments Checklist 2017

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