Be a Smile on Someone Else’s Face!

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Smile Quote # 34: “For a Moment Atleast, be a Smile on Someone Else’s Face”- Dejan Stojanovic

One of the nicest parts about a smile is that it can be shared and very easily returned by everyone around us. This means that every moment that we choose to smile could be a moment that our smile is returned back to us by a passer-by, co-worker, family member or a friend. Think of some of the people that inspire you and make you happy on any given day, when we imagine them smiling it almost makes us want to smile too. You can have the same effect in somebody else’s life and really all you need to do to share this wonderful feeling is to share your smile as often as possible.

Having one of these moments in our day can completely turn it around and make us feel much better. If you are experiencing a difficult time or a particularly stressful day taking the time to smile and share a smile with somebody else can make a true difference. Even if it’s just for a moment, this quote is a true prescription for increasing positivity in your life.

However, saying that you will spend time smiling and actually sharing a smile are two different things. It can be difficult for some people to share their smile with others because they are embarrassed of the type of smile that they have. Luckily there are solutions to this problem, which come in the form of professional orthodontic treatment.  With Dr. Patricia Panucci and her team at Beach Braces, it’s possible to receive your ideal smile so that you no longer have to hide your teeth or hide sharing a smile with the people around you. With the help of our team we can help you share your smile with others and create inspiration every day. You can contact us today for making an appointment.

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Be a Smile on Someone Else’s Face!

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