Smile: It’s The Second Best Thing You Can Do With Your Lips



While much has been said about different orthodontic procedures to straighten one’s teeth and jaw line, little has been mentioned about the secret power of the smile. Actually, so many good things happen when a person smiles, that we thought we would just mention a few of them.

Our Brain Can Be Pleasantly Stimulated

If you’ve ever enjoyed a piece of cheese or dark chocolate, then you know how it affects our brain–sheer joy! Even so, a real heart-felt smile often goes a long way in influencing one’s general health and disposition.

A Smile: Is It Real Or Is It Fake

We have learned much about different kinds of smiles at our Manhattan Beach orthodontist clinic: there are fake smiles and there are genuine ones. There are phoney smiles, like an IRS agent smiling to tell us we are up to be audited, or there are truly friendly and engaging smiles. The most amazing fact is that the human brain can tell the difference between smiles and even reacts accordingly.

Curiously, it is the female gender that outshines the males in telling a phoney smile from a heart-felt genuine smile. Judging more accurately by a mere looking at someone’s face and listening to their voice, they are uncanny in their ability to quickly tell if a smile is for real or not.

Stress Reduction Because Of Smiling

Just as a good night’s sleep can aid in reducing tension and stress, so it is with smiling, especially if small children are around us. Typically, children smile 400 times a day. In contrast, adults only smile about 20 times a day. Moms, please take note, and encourage your kids to keep smiling–no matter what!

We at our Manhattan Beach orthodontist clinic, have to agree with the late, great Mother Teresa when she said, “We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.”

For more information on how we can help put a lasting smile on your face, please contact us or call us at: (310) 379-0006 to schedule a consultation with our specialists.

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