Braces Behind the Teeth In-Ovation LMTM (LINGUAL BRACES)

Now with lingual braces, you can achieve the smile you’ve always wanted without lengthy treatment times, expensive cosmetic dentistry or coping with an altered appearance during treatment.

In-Ovation L (lingual) MTM (minor tooth movement) brackets are placed behind your teeth for ultimate invisibility. Lingual braces address the six upper and six lower front teeth that are revealed when you smile.

Without visible braces or removable trays, you can eat, speak, laugh and smile without anyone ever seeing your style of orthodontic treatment. Your smile will be improved quickly, typically in 12 to 24 weeks with lingual braces. The MTM no trace system are also small and comfortable to wear, undetectable and result in fewer office appointments with faster results.

The MTM No Trace (Lingual Braces) System

Dr. Panucci Published Work on Lingual Braces

Ortho World Lingual Braces 1

Ortho World Braces 2

Ortho World 3 Braces Manhattan Beach CA

Ortho World - Orthodontist Los Angeles CA

Real patient photographs with lingual braces, before & after treatment.
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Lingual Braces 1

Dylan G.: Upper before Lingual Braces & Upper after 18 weeks/4.5 months

Lower Lingual Braces

Dylan G.: Lower before Lingual Braces & Lower after 18 weeks/4.5 months

Katena R. Lingual Braces

Katena R.: Lower before Lingual Braces & Lower after 9 months (with fixed retainer)

John C. Lingual Braces

John C.: Lower before Lingual Braces & Lower after 18 weeks/4.5 months

yuni o lingual braces

Yuni O.: Upper before Lingual Braces & Upper after 7 months (with fixed retainers)

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Patricia J. Panucci DmD, MS – Specialist in Orthodontics For Children and Adults in Southern California

Lingual Braces