Lingual Braces vs Invisalign

When most people think about getting braces, they may not know about the different types of braces that might be available to them. Getting braces put onto your teeth can be incredibly beneficial, and it can allow you to feel confident in knowing that your smile is always looking its absolute best. With the wide variety of braces for you to choose from, you may have questions regarding the ones that aren’t necessarily the typical metal braces that you see all over. Going with a different approach can be beneficial for you in terms of helping you achieve a straight smile without the world knowing that you’re wearing braces.

The Benefits of These Types of Braces

Whether you choose to go with lingual braces or Invisalign, you’re choosing an option that’s not necessarily seen by the public. If you are an older teen or an adult, you may want to get your orthodontic work done discreetly without everyone knowing about it. Going with the traditional metal braces may sound like a good idea, but you have to remember that these braces will be on for about one or two years. If you would rather go with a more discreet approach to your orthodontic work, it might be time to think about either lingual braces or Invisalign, which are two different types of braces that could work for you.

These two types of braces are relatively well-hidden, so you can be straightening your teeth and the whole world won’t know what’s going on. Now, you may be wondering does Invisalign work or what is the difference between Lingual Braces vs Invisalign. Knowing the answers to these questions can help you to decide on the ideal braces type that will fit your lifestyle and needs. There are a lot of options out there, so be sure to speak with your orthodontist before choosing the one that is right for you.

What Are Lingual Braces?

Lingual braces are a bit different from the traditional metal braces, though they use the exact same tools and techniques. Lingual braces are literally put onto the back of your teeth towards the tongue, allowing the teeth to be completely straightened without the world actually seeing the braces on the front of your teeth. A lot of people go with this particular option when considering braces because it’s more traditional than Invisalign, but it’s not as visible as the metal braces that your orthodontist would put onto the front of your teeth.

When choosing to go with lingual braces, many people have to get used to the overall feeling of the metal right there where their tongue will go. This is obviously something that’s a little different from ordinary front braces, but it’s something that you can easily get adjusted to in a matter of days or weeks. It’s a good option for individuals who want to take a more traditional approach to braces without actually looking as though they have braces on their teeth.

What is Invisalign?

When thinking about Lingual Braces vs Invisalign, many individuals wonder does Invisalign work and can it be beneficial for them. Invisalign is an amazing and revolutionary new way to straighten the teeth without anyone knowing. Clear plastic trays are used during this procedure, so you’ll be able to easily get your teeth straightened daily without the clunkiness that metal braces can often cause. More and more people, both younger and older, are choosing Invisalign for its benefits. It might be a bracing option you’ll want to discuss with your orthodontist if you feel that it’s right for you.

With Invisalign, you are going to have a completely clear tray sitting around your teeth throughout the day. It resembles a typical mouth guard, but it’s completely clear, so you won’t have to worry that other people are going to be able to see it while you have it on. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign can also be removed when brushing and flossing, so you’ll be able to get your teeth a lot cleaner than if you had ordinary braces put onto your teeth in order to get them to straighten out.

Getting Braces Put On

Whether you’re choosing to go with lingual braces or take a clearer approach with Invisalign, you will first need to visit an orthodontist to begin treatment. With your very first appointment, you’ll get a consultation with an orthodontist to discuss your treatment and different options that are there for you to choose. It’s up to you to discuss with your orthodontist what you’re looking to achieve through braces, and what you want to achieve while you’re actually wearing them every single day. If you want to go with a more discreet approach, your orthodontist will be able to offer these types of options to you.

Having the work done depends solely on the type of braces you’ve chosen. If you’re going with lingual braces, the braces will need to be cemented onto the back of your teeth and a thin wire will be placed from one end of the mouth to the other, just like with traditional braces. When you choose to go with Invisalign, you’ll have molds made up of your teeth, and clear plastic trays will be designed to fit specifically to the shape of your mouth. You will have to get the lingual braces and Invisalign adjusted about once a month during treatment.
Whether you go with lingual braces or invisible ones, you will want to begin treatment by contacting Beach Braces Orthodontics. These specialty orthodontists are there to consult with you and come up with a treatment plan that is absolutely perfect for what you need in life. You will choose the braces that fit your lifestyle well, and this can ensure that your orthodontic treatment is as quick and comfortable as possible. With Beach Braces Orthodontics, you can consult with their experts to begin your treatment and have that gorgeous straight smile that you have always wanted to be able to show off to those around you.

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Lingual Braces vs Invisalign

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