Iron Man Hermosa Beach Competition


Did You Know No. 4: Iron Man Hermosa Beach Style

The United States Independence Day is being held every 4th of July. During this day, Americans commemorate their freedom from the Kingdom of Great Britain (now UK). This day is commonly associated with fireworks, barbecues, parades, fairs, carnivals, concerts, picnics, baseball games, ceremonies, political speeches, and family reunions. Being the National Day of the U.S., the 4th of July celebration brings Americans closer together. Plus, it grants employees their day off wherein they could forget all the deadlines.

Aside from all the activities mentioned above, there are other unique events happening in various parts of the U.S. One of these events is the Iron Man Competition held at Hermosa Beach every year. Millions of Americans visit the South Bay as it is known for being the best spots in the country to celebrate the holiday. During this competition, contestants must run a mile, paddle a mile with their surfboards, and then drink a 6-pack beer at the end. The first one to consume all the beverages wins. This competition starts at 9:00am and anyone over 21 years old is eligible to join.

The Iron Man Competition in Hermosa Beach is known to be the craziest way to kick off the holiday. Aside from sports, beers, and other recreational activities, the 4th of July also serves as a feast wherein various, savory dishes are out for grabs. It is also the time when even complete strangers get to smile to each other. However, there might be hindrances in achieving this during the holidays. Among these problems are bad bites, jaw problems, and other teeth misalignment problems which prevent you from smiling and having fun.

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Iron Man Hermosa Beach, CA Competition

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