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Invisible Aligners Explained

Invisible Aligners 

How many hours a day do I have to wear them?

Your appliances should be worn at all times (except when eating), even when you sleep.  It is recommended that you wear them 22 hours per day. You should only remove the appliance for eating and to brush your teeth. It is also recommended that you remove them to drink hot liquids (ie: coffee or tea) – so not to compromise the material or burn your mouth. Cold beverages are okay to drink while wearing the aligners.

Can I eat with my aligners on?

Unfortunately not. You will need to remove your aligners when you eat. Make sure to store the aligners in the case provided to avoid accidently throwing them away.Invisalign

Can I take them out to speak at a meeting?

Yes, this one of the advantages of aligners. You may remove them when extremely necessary.

I heard that aligners can get stuck on the teeth, is this true?

No. Aligners are made to fit “snuggly” but can always be removed. This process gets easier with practice.

Will aligners damage my crowns?

No. Crowns are cemented unto your tooth and the aligners are not strong enough to damage crowns. If a crown becomes loose during treatment, then the crown was already loose without you knowing it. You should contact your regular dentist to determine the treatment necessary.

How often are my appointments?

Your appointment intervals will correspond with the number of aligners that you receive at each appointment. You can expect your appointments to occur every 4-6 weeks.

How do I clean my aligners?

Your appliance should be cleaned by holding it in the palm of your hand under running water. Scrub it gently with toothbrush and hand soap. Never use bleach or any other cleaning solutions.  Do not use toothpaste as this scratches the aligner and collects more plaque.

*Remember: if the appliance isn’t in your mouth- it is not working! Your aligners should be in a carrying case when not in your mouth. A word of advice, dogs love aligners, and will nibble and eat the aligner if given a chance.

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Invisible Aligners Explained

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