Before And After With Invisalign

Invisalign Before and After

Conditions for Invisalign vary differently from patient to patient but it is possible to treat a wide array of different dental issues successfully with the help of Invisalign. Whether your case calls for treatment of a crooked tooth, or a serious dental correction such as an overbite or under bite Invisalign can be used quite effectively to treat some of these cases. With some before and after results we can see just how effective this treatment option is and how patients can enjoy effective results with many more advantages in comfort to treatments such as traditional braces.

Overly crowded teeth:

In this example we can see a 26-year-old female who is experiencing an issue with overcrowding. Her jaw line simply did not have enough space for all of her teeth to fit completely normally. Overly crowded teeth like these can cause serious dental decay and oral health issues but with the help of a treatment such as Invisalign patients can experience straight teeth that fall within normal functions and incur less of a risk of these issues.

We can see from the after results that Invisalign correctly positioned her teeth greatly improving her chances of incurring any issues with oral health. These results were experienced after just 10 months of treatment.


Before                                    After




In this example we can see a 38-year-old female who had upper teeth that completely overlapped her lower teeth. This is really more of a cosmetic issue but it can cause some issues with oral health. Straightening out her teeth was done over the course of 20 months with Invisalign treatment and her teeth now line up much more effectively than ever before giving her proper bite.


Before                                 After

Gapped teeth:

This 56-year-old patient had teeth that were spaced abnormally far apart. Large gaps in teeth can cause a number of periodontal diseases and can also cause confidence issues because of cosmetic issues in teeth. The results in this photo were experienced after just 10 months of Invisalign treatment. We can see that the patient’s teeth are now much more uniform and straight and that all of the major spaces have been removed giving him a much more perfect smile.

Gapped Teeth

Before                                    After

Cross bite: I

In this example a 27-year-old female patient was tired of her upper and lower jaws being misaligned. Her upper teeth would bite on the inside of her lower teeth and this was causing wear to her teeth as well as digestion issues. Instead of having to incur any health issues she decided to use Invisalign and experience these results nine months into her treatment.


Before                                  After


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Before And After With Invisalign

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