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Do-It-Yourself Orthodontic Treatment: The AAO Position

Orthodontics – Don’t Do-It-Yourself Braces! Here’s Why by AAO ft. Dr. Patti Panucci

For 18 months, the AAO has aggressively and proactively been warning consumers to be wary of various “do-it-yourself orthodontics” procedures when it comes to orthodontic care.  These procedures have been popularized on social media, with many showing young adults attempting to move their teeth with rubber bands, paperclips, and inappropriate use of orthodontic appliances without the personal evaluation and care of an orthodontic specialist.

The AAO believes that orthodontic care should always be performed under the direct supervision of an orthodontist. Regular orthodontic check-ups throughout treatment best serve the patient and allow the treating orthodontist to monitor not only tooth movement, but also the patient’s overall oral health, including hygiene issues that may impact treatment decisions.

Dr. Panucci endorses the AAO’s position 100% and was part of the Public Service Announcement that AAO put together about the dangers of do-it-yourself orthodontics, see video above.

Brace Yourself

If you want to find out more about the bad idea of do-it-yourself braces and dental work visit these pages on Inside Edition, the Washington Post, or Today Online Health and Wellness.

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Do-It-Yourself Orthodontic Treatment: The AAO Position

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