What Dental Issues Need To Be Addressed Before Braces Are Installed?

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Does your child have crooked teeth? Are their excessive spaces between them? In the young and formidable years, many children find that their teeth don’t come in as they should have. We handle both children and adults who have crooked teeth and want to improve their smile. With the use of braces, an orthodontist can correct many dental issues. We understand that your smile is one of the first things that a person notices, so naturally you want to ensure it is healthy. There are many different dental concerns that come into play before and after corrective measures are put in place. The orthodontist is often asked if the problems with the teeth need to be repaired first. While some problems need to be fixed immediately, others can be corrected by the use of linear-braces, or another style.

Addressing Crooked Teeth

Each and every person has a unique shape and size to their mouth. However, certain things can lead to crooked teeth. As a child, thumb sucking, gingivitis, and genetics can cause the teeth to be misaligned. Also, it becomes easy for food and bacteria to become lodged between the overlaps. Braces are a great way to correct teeth that are crooked. At Beach Braces, our orthodontist puts small brackets on each and every tooth, and a glue is applied that will secure the brackets in place. Lastly, wires are put through specific locations that are used to pull and straighten the teeth. These devices put pressure on the bones to realign the teeth and correct their crooked appearance. There are many different options on the market today. Invisalign is a great option using a series of clear trays. It is one of the few correction methods that are completely undetectable. However, Invisalign is only for those who have minor problems with crooked teeth.

Handling The Spaces In-Between The Teeth

Before installing correction devices, any gaps that are between the teeth need to be addressed. These spaces leave the gum tissue unprotected, and food can damage the tissues over time. When hard food particles get in-between the gaps, they can cause the gap to increase in size. Those who have periodontal disease may find their teeth will also loosen over time. Porcelain veneers are used to close any gaps. They provide instant results to improve the smile. It is usually recommended the use of veneers or crowns along with correctional devices. If a tooth is completely missing, a bridge or denture may be used. Some adults have a space in their mouth due to a labial frenum. Surgical intervention may be needed to close this frenum; however, a child has this surgery the gap typically closes on its own.

Overcrowding Issues

Your orthodontist wants you to know that crooked teeth can be fixed at any age. Children who have dental issues can have them addressed as soon as seven years of age. Crowding affects people in many ways, so the doctor will evaluate the situation and see what the best course of treatment. Both metal and plastic brackets can be used for each brace, and each case is evaluated for the best option possible. Many find there is some slight discomfort when each brace is put in place. However, as the wires are tightened the jaw area will be sore, which means the teeth are moving.

The treatment’s length of time varies depending on the complexity of the problem. The age can also be a big factor in the length of the treatment plan. If there is not a crowding issue, corrective measures should be sufficient for 18-30 months. After each brace is removed, a retainer will need to be used to keep the realigned teeth from slipping into their old position. The earlier the treatment the better, as children who have proper dental procedures done can thwart any future dental issues. Interceptive treatment can help protruding teeth, to enhance one’s speech and also to maintain the teeth and jaws alignment while chewing.

An Overbite

In the US alone, there are thousands of people who have an overbite because they sucked their thumbs in their younger years. Headgear was used by dental experts in the past to put pressure on the upper jaw. Thankfully, due to technological advancements, orthodontics now allows the use of elastics and other devices to repair an overbite situation.

Elastics are applied on top of each brace and slowly move the upper jaw forward and the bottom jaw inward. However, this appliance is only used in cases where the overbite is minor. Those who have a severe overbite will need to use a special device that has a spring. The spring sits on the cheeks and allows chewing food to be done with ease. Throughout the day, the spring applies pressure to key locations, which causes the jaw to move into a better position. Realigning a jaw is not easy and one must remember to be patient. It is always best to have any orthodontics work done at an early age to achieve the best results.

Manhattan Beach, CA Orthodontics Wants To Help

Your children’s teeth are one of the most important investments you can make. Dr. Patricia J. Panucci wants to ensure that your child’s smile is perfect. If your child is dealing with a misalignment issue that needs to be addressed, call our office for a consultation. Our high-technology practice uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure you and your child’s dental health. You can schedule at appointment by calling 310-379-0006 to learn more about straightening your teeth.

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