How Does Invisalign Move Teeth?

What are these “Invisible Braces”?

You’ve probably heard about “invisible braces” that straighten teeth in less time than traditional metal braces. If you’ve thought about invisible braces for yourself or for your teenage son or daughter, you may be wondering how something so simple can straighten teeth as well as braces. While not able to do everything braces can, like fixing a bad overbite, the invisible braces can move teeth horizontally into proper position for a beautiful smile. Actually, they are not “invisible braces” at all, which is why they have many advantages.

The comfortable, clear and nearly invisible trays, called aligners, work by using controlled and timed force to gradually move teeth into position. The movement in each patient’s case is mapped out by the orthodontist so that each set of aligners move a few teeth at a time. Over the course of the entire treatment, the patient receives a new set of aligners about every two weeks. For most adults, the entire course of treatment is about a year. For teenagers, it’s usually a little longer.

Advantages Over Braces:

  • Practically invisible
  • Comfortable
  • Removable
  • Easy eating and brushing without the aligners on
  • Less orthodontist office visits throughout treatment

Unlike braces, which require a lengthy adjustment period and repeated adjustments by the orthodontist, the aligners are comfortable, and you simply get a new set from the orthodontist about every two weeks through your treatment.

Invisible aligners are not suitable for children, but teenagers can get a special type.

Invisalign Teen

  • Suitable for teenagers who have lost all of their baby teeth
  • Eliminates the embarrassment of wearing braces
  • Early correction of crooked teeth prevents more problems later

FAQ#5: Who is Eligible for Invisalign Teen?

Cost Compared to Braces

Metal braces are generally the least expensive method of orthodontic treatment, but the cost of invisible aligners is often less than people expect. Dental insurance may pay for at least part of the cost. When you consider the advantages the aligners have over braces, the slightly higher cost may be well worth it.

If you or your teenage son or daughter has crooked teeth, crowding, spacing or minor bite problems, and you’re interested in learning more about possible orthodontic solutions, you can contact our Invisalign preferred provider. Our orthodontist can meet with you for a consultation to discuss aligners and see if they would work for your or your teenager. You can also discuss the cost of treatment. Invisalign in Manhattan Beach may more affordable than you think.

You can also visit Beach Braces website to read more about different orthodontic treatments and the importance of correcting malocclusion (crooked teeth) for health reasons. Information for parents and teens is available at the Invisalign Teen page.

Don’t wait. If you want a beautiful smile and healthier teeth, now is the time to see if invisible aligners may be right for you. If you feel convinces and ready for treatment or you have further queries in your mind, feel free to contact Beach Braces for expert help.

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How Does Invisalign Move Teeth?

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Beach Braces

Affordable Braces

Change Your Life with Affordable Braces

Beach Braces, braces, orthodonticsA beautiful smile is one of the most powerful attributes you can have. Not only can it magnetize and attract a world of people, but also it can give you a strong sense of confidence about who you are. Affordable braces can restore alignment problems so that you can have a beautiful smile again. Whether you have a small gap or an extreme malocclusion, braces can help you to straighten your way into the hearts of all the people you meet. You can get affordable dental braces today and make payments on them while you are receiving treatment.

Types of Braces

Several types of braces exist. The braces that everyone knows about are the traditional front view metal braces and brackets. Orthodontists have been using those braces for decades, but new modern solutions are available today. Now, you can purchase lingual braces if you are slightly shy about having brackets on the front of your teeth. Lingual braces hide behind the teeth so that no one can see them but you. Additionally, you can try Invisalign as an alternative. Invisalign is an invisible alignment repair system that you can remove from your mouth for cleaning and eating.

Average Cost for Braces:

Many factors come into play when an orthodontist is creating the price for braces. The severity of your bite problem, the system that you use and the location of your braces will determine the price. You will have to pay more if you need upper and lower braces, for example. The average cost for braces is approximately $5,000. That is the estimate for a standard metal bracket set of braces. Lingual braces will cost more due to the difficulty of insertion.

How to Get Affordable Braces:

The best way to get affordable braces in Manhattan Beach is to work with a local orthodontist office that has compassion and understanding. This type of orthodontist will be willing to offer you an affordable payment plan. You can also use an insurance policy to pay for a certain portion of the work. Some orthodontist offices offer additional financing options. Manhattan orthodontist know that your smile is important to you. Therefore, they will make every effort to get your braces on you so that you can feel better immediately.

Affordable Braces in Manhattan Beach

Patricia Panucci is a friendly and reliable orthodontist who has been in the business for longer than a decade. Her beautiful and radiant smile is a perfect example of the work that she does for Manhattan residents. She feels as though everyone deserves a chance to smile. Therefore, she provides a friendly, clean and helpful environment for you to visit. Dr. Panucci’s entire team of specialists at Beach Braces is a close-knit family that wants nothing more than to see you smile. If you need help with braces or any other dental issues, then you can contact the office for a consultation. You can schedule an appointment to get the sunshine back in your life.

Beach Braces, 1730 Manhattan Beach Blvd. Suite B, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

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Affordable Braces

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Lingual Braces

FAQ About Lingual Braces

Lingual Braces Explained 

 How long will I have a lisp? Will I talk funny?

Speech may be affected causing a lisp or excess saliva. You will be given a poem called The Rainbow Passage which helps with pronunciation. We recommend you practice aloud 3x per day, until your speech sounds normal. This usually takes just a few days. Click here to view The Rainbow Passage .

Does it hurt to have lingual braces?

No, it does not hurt to have lingual partial braces. You may experience a temporary soreness at the beginning of treatment due to the pressure from the arch wire . Some patients will take an over the counter pain reliever, but most don’t need it. Lingual Braces

How do I floss?

Flossing does take some practice. View our patient care videos about flossing. We will give you floss threaders and instructions on how to floss with braces.

What can I eat? What can’t I eat?

You will need to avoid eating anything hard, chewy or sticky. These types of foods can shear off the brackets, so be careful with your lingual braces. We will provide a food list for you, most patients eat their normal foods, only modified (maybe cut into smaller bites).

Will people notice or see my lingual braces?

Lingual braces are meant to be an esthetic option. The braces “hide” behind your teeth. Unless you are standing on your head or laugh with your mouth wide open, most people will not notice you have braces.

Do I have to have wear retainers when I am finished?

Yes, as with all orthodontic treatments, it will be necessary to wear lifetime retainer(s). These may be either removable or fixed retainers. In most cases, the fixed (or non-removable type) will be recommended.

How often are my appointments?

Appointments will be from three (3) to six (6) week intervals. Due to the rapid nature of the tooth movement, a strict schedule must be adhered to. If a scheduled appointment is missed it may be necessary to reschedule at a time which may be convenient in order to maintain proper control of tooth movement.

How do you tighten lingual braces?

Adjustments are made by using different sizes and materials of wires to align the front teeth. We use specific wires designed for lingual braces.

If you need more information about lingual braces feel free to call us or contact our office.

Beach Braces 1730 Manhattan Beach Blvd. Suite B, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 TEL: 310-379-0006 Fax: (310) 379-7051.

FAQ About Lingual Braces

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six month smiles

Six Month Smiles

For the ultimate in quick orthodontic treatment, many adults are turning to the six-month smiles system. If you are self-conscious or embarrassed about your smile and would like to do something about it quickly, this could very well be the system for you.

What is Six Month Smiles?

six month smilesSix month smiles is a cosmetic braces system that works to speed up the process of traditional braces. Using some of the most advanced orthodontic techniques and modern materials orthodontists have devised a system that on average can correct smiles within just six months.

For patients who are interested in getting a straight smile faster and in some cases only six months, there are now a range of treatments that, dependent on the patients teeth, are now possible to achieve. One of these programs uses specialized clear braces which are gradually adjusted and straightened during intensive orthodontic visits over six months to eventually straighten and align teeth. Unlike other forms of traditional braces which are adjusted over a period of up to two years, six months smiles cosmetic braces are designed to work quickly and deliver results, as their name suggests in just six months (cases vary).

This revolutionary system of braces has got a variety of different adult patients talking. For people who are wary of dental work, on interested in receiving braces or simply want a quick fix for their smile, this could be the answer that they have always waited for. Other types of teeth straightening procedures can take a lot of time and also be very expensive. Six months smiles is affordable, effective and safe and is designed so anyone can receive a beautiful straight smile.

Six Month Smiles

Straight teeth in less time, this is what six-month smiles can deliver.

Contact our office today to find out if you are a candidate for Six Month Smiles.

Beach Braces 1730 Manhattan Beach Blvd. Manhattan Beach, California 90266

Six month smiles

Invisalign Teen Los Angeles

Straight Teeth without Braces

Clear Braces what are they exactly?

Being in a midst of decision making whether or not to correct your teeth misalignment problems brings you to consider several factors when doing so.

Aside from the cost of treating these problems, you may find yourself being more concerned about its cosmetic effects while under treatment. Wearing braces may inflict a great impact on your confidence every time you talk to the public, smile on cameras, and even greet your friends daily. Clear Braces

Fortunately, this kind of problem has been answered by Align Technology. A product called Invisalign allows you to undergo an orthodontic treatment for several months or years without having everyone notice you’re under treatment.

Invisalign works by applying the right pressure on your teeth in order to move them over the course of the treatment just like braces. The only difference is that they are CLEAR. In fact, so clear that even the person you are talking to each day won’t even notice you are wearing them. Invisalign indeed is a breakthrough when it comes to orthodontics as patients are more confident to wear them than braces. Why sacrifice your current smile in the process of acquiring a perfect smile in the future if you can have it all without being intimidated?

Can Teens use Invisalign?

Invisalign is now also available for teens especially as teens are more conscious with how they look in front of their friends. Improving the self-confidence during the teenage years is very important so teens can be able to reach their full potential without any hindrance. This confidence will help them perform better each day, improve their grades each semester, and compete well with others in athletics and other extra-curricular activities.

Every individual aims to have the perfect straight teeth without braces. The good news is that everyone will now be able to fulfil this dream through Align Technology’s Invisalign for teens and adults easily and comfortably.

Dr Panucci has been creating beautiful smiles across California for years, so why not contact us for a free consultation?

Beach Braces 1730 Manhattan Beach Blvd. Suite B, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 TEL: 310-379-0006 Fax: (310) 379-7051

Straight Teeth without Braces

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Mom and Dad Can Have Perfect Teeth Too

Beach Braces Office

If you have been considering adult orthodontic braces so that you can have the straight teeth you always wanted, then read on. There are plenty of options available for adults to have braces, depending on your lifestyle, person preferences, and individual requirements. You will need to choose the style of braces that is best for you. But what are adult orthodontic braces, and how do you find the best option for you?

Conventional Metal Braces

Metal braces are the most common type of braces. This brace type is made from the highest grade of steel and they are affixed to the outside of your teeth. A few benefits to this type of braces are: durability, lack of discoloration, and speed of treatment.  Modern day metal braces are much smaller, more comfortable, and more attractive than those of even a decade ago.

Clear Ceramic Braces

The clear ceramic braces are attached to your teeth in the same manner as metal braces. However, because they tooth colored, they are less noticeable than the metal versions.

Lingual Bracesadult braces

Lingual braces are attached behind your teeth (the lingual side of the teeth). Lingual braces are completely hidden behind the teeth. Lingual braces have an adjustment period just like any other type of braces.

Invisible Braces (Clear Aligners)

Invisible braces are popular with adults and teens. Invisalign is comprised of a set of clear orthodontic trays that are called aligners. These aligners are customized to your mouth to accomplish the alignment that needs to take place for smile improvement. They are much less visible than braces. Teeth cleaning is easier because the aligners can be removed. However, this type of brace can only be used with simple teeth corrections. They are not designed to handle more complex cases but it’s not unknown to get a six month smile with Invisalign.

Which is the Best kind?

It really comes down to persona choice. There are pros and cons to each type of braces, and choosing is very personal. Consider your priorities, budget, whether you wish to conceal your braces, and of course you should always take your orthodontists’s recommendations into consideration. One thing is for certain – you are never too old to have braces and have your teeth corrected. Talk to your orthodontist to get a better understanding of what your personal situation would entail.

Contact Beach Braces

Contact Beach Braces today for your free initial orthodontic consultation.

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Types of Braces


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