Benefits of Invisalign #2 Can approximate the treatment duration more precisely than with braces.


People often fret and wonder about the length of orthodontic treatment when faced with the knowledge that they need braces. Let Beach Braces Orthodontics help assist you in choosing the right treatment plan. Our Manhattan Beach orthodontics office offers a wide array of treatment plans including Invisalign, a system that can approximate the duration of treatment time more precisely than the traditional treatment. Instead of worrying about a lengthy treatment plan with no end in sight, this system will give you an approximate end date to look forward to every day.

The treatment system

Invisalign is a system that includes specifically designed trays that you are expected to change out approximately every two weeks. After you come in for an appointment, our orthodontist will discuss your previous history and discuss the treatment plans that are right for you. One of the perks of this system is the ability for your orthodontist to approximate the treatment time needed.

Have a wedding coming up? A graduation ceremony? Another major life even that will require a lot of time invested as well as photographs? By being able to approximate the treatment time, you will be able to plan ahead in regard to your orthodontic care. While this treatment is wonderful due to its virtual invisibility on your teeth, it is often imperative to patients that they understand the duration of treatments and have an estimated end time. Busy schedules often conflict with your orthodontics needs and by being able to plan ahead in regard to the length of your treatment is a definite perk.

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Benefits of Invisalign #2 Can approximate the treatment duration more precisely than with braces.

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