Benefits of Invisalign #10 No chance of discoloring teeth


Benefits of Invisalign #10 No chance of discoloring teeth

If you are concerned about tooth discoloration from braces, Invisalign may be the right orthodontic treatment for you. This advantage is thanks to a lack of metal brackets and the ability to remove the aligners for daily dental hygiene. Here is more about how this treatment keeps smiles looking great.

Invisalign Does Not Use Brackets

With metal orthodontics, brackets are bonded directly to the enamel. If plaque, tartar and stains develop on the teeth in the meantime, an unsightly contrast between the bracket-covered spots and the rest of the enamel may be obvious after removal. Removable aligners eliminate uneven distribution of stains on the teeth during orthodontic treatment.

Cleaning Is Easy with Aligners

Because patients can easily remove their aligners to brush and floss, significant amounts of plaque and tartar are unlikely to build up on the enamel. Occasionally, patients can also use whitening toothpastes to removal any stains from lifestyle factors. By cleaning the aligners themselves, patients can further reduce risks of tooth discoloration. Our orthodontist can recommend a good cleaning solution for keeping the aligners clear.

Stains Can Be Avoided

Without brackets, patients are less likely to experience stains from foods and drinks. However, stains are even less likely to occur when patients limit or avoid dark-colored foods and drinks during orthodontic treatment. Tobacco, whether chewed or smoked, is another common source of stains and should be avoided altogether.

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Benefits of Invisalign #10 No chance of discoloring teeth

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