An [Awesome] Smile Checklist 2017

Firstly, all things considered,  in professional settings, public or social situations you want your smile to be fabulous. It is hard to feel confident with misaligned teeth, over or under bites, or crowded teeth. Correcting the problem with braces will result in a more confident smile.


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Types of Orthodontic Treatments

There are so many options today that can be used to fix your smile. Invisalign, esthetic and Lingual braces can be used for individuals who want to straighten their teeth without people knowing they are wearing orthodontics. Invisalign uses a series of clear, removable aligners to move the teeth into the correct position over time. These aligners can be removed while you eat or brush your teeth. The aligners are replaced as your teeth straighten. Lingual braces are placed on behind the teeth. These allow straightening over time, too. In addition, people will not be able to tell that you have them on. You can wear orthodontics without anyone knowing you have them on if you want to.


What to Expect

The first step to your perfect smile begins with a trip to your orthodontist for an initial consultation. This will take about an hour. The process will be thoroughly explained. How to care for your orthodontics, foods to avoid, a timeline, pain relief methods and more will be covered during this visit. Thus, all of your questions will be answered.


Your Perfect Smile

In conclusion, after you have completed treatment you can expect a great smile. Furthermore, the orthodontist will remove all of the metal, wires, and brackets to reveal straight even teeth. You may have to wear a retainer for a while to keep the teeth in their proper positions. You can start practicing on your smile immediately.

Consequently. You can contact Dr. Pannuci today. A little time, a little patience and the completed treatment will result in a confident, happy smile for you. Make an appointment today.


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An [Awesome] Smile Checklist 2017

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