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The Greatest Self Has a Peaceful Smile

In one study, researchers found that 25 percent of participants hesitate to smile in pictures due to the appearance of their teeth. 28 percent of people in the study don’t smile when they’re featured in social media due to their smile. Lastly, over 80 percent of study participants believe that their teeth are ugly. That’s […]

Are there foods I can’t eat with braces?

Orthodontic science today provides patients with a wide variety of options for tooth straightening, bite alignment and overall oral health. For example, in addition to traditional metal braces (which themselves have come a very long way from their earliest predecessors), it is now possible to be treated with Empower, Empower clear and lingual (back of […]

An Awesome Smile Checklist 2017

All things considered, in professional settings, public or social situations you want your smile to be fabulous. It is hard to feel confident with misaligned teeth, over or under bites, or crowded teeth. Consequently, correcting the problem with braces will result in a more confident smile. Types of Orthodontic Treatment Generally speaking, there are so […]

Alleviate Discomfort During Braces 2017

How to Alleviate Discomfort after Putting on Braces. Your child has just gotten braces. Your child’s excited to get the perfect smile, and you’re excited to do something good for your child. A few hours later, the downside of having wire and brackets in their mouths set in. Your child can’t eat solid foods, they […]