If you’re looking for the cutting edge of orthodontic care, look no further than EMPOWER. You may wonder what this is, so read on, and we’ll describe some of the best ways to make your children’s teeth straight and beautiful.

With American Orthodontics EMPOWER, you can get clear, metal options and molar options, and you’re sure to love both the interactive and the passive designs.

This system allows your orthodontist to customize your children’s treatment plan, leading to the best results ever.

American Orthodontics EMPOWER
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With the interactive bracket, the clip fits the smaller wires, and it engages the larger wires, to make sure that there is great torque and rotation control when the braces are working and straightening your child’s teeth.

You can get this product in metal (upper and lower teeth) and clear (upper teeth).

With the passive bracket, the clip fits all wire sizes and is available in metal (upper and lower).

The dual activation makes the brackets a hybrid combination of forces that work to finish your child’s teeth perfectly, making anterior and posterior teeth both look great when complete.

The clear brackets are beautiful, and their performance is not to be diminished. You can get the clear brackets in metal (upper and lower) and ceramic (for uppers only).

These clear brackets have a molded body that makes for a very strong, yet very aesthetically pleasing and formed, bracket.

American Orthodontics EMPOWER are available through Dr. Patricia Panucci’s office. Dr. Panucci is one of Southern California’s leading specialists in orthodontic care, and you’ll appreciate her way with your children.

Her approach is fun and affordable, because every should love to smile.

Contact Dr. Panucci at her newly located Manhattan Beach office at: 310-379-0006, and your children can soon have these new, state-of-the-art braces on their teeth.

American Orthodontics EMPOWER