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Halloween is the time of the year that kids can’t resist candy. However, unknown to them, the candy twists, blends and pulls off their braces. That is why the American Association of Orthodontists has come up with some words of caution for kids and parents to help their smile. Bobbing for apples is not recommended by any orthodontist. In fact, bites from apples put pressure on the front teeth, which may make the brackets loose. Candy corn is also a no – no, since the older it gets, the chewier it becomes, which is not good for those wearing straightening devices. To solve this constant mess, orthodontists have come up with solutions to try and solve the problem. Some of the practices that have proved effective include:

The Use of Orthodontic Wax

If you realize your child’s brackets are breaking, then it’s time to consider using an orthodontic wax. This wax is available from an orthodontist, or it can be purchased at most drug stores. This wax can hold any loose or broken brackets in place until the next appointment. If the holding wire pops loose and is irritating to the cheek, placing the wax at the end will also help to alleviate the pain.

Avoid Sticky or Chewy Candy

It is best to stick with softer candy, such as plain chocolate bars, and avoid sticky and chewy candy. Examples of sticky or chewy candy include Starburst or taffy. As children enjoy their favorite candy and chocolate, they should remember that it can mess up their teeth forcing them to have braces on for even longer.

By using caution with candy during the Halloween season, children can get their braces removed as quickly as possible, and can avoid unnecessary trips to the orthodontist.

We want your CANDY!

Operation Gratitude Halloween candy buy back is happening now! Stop by Dr. Panucci’s office between November 2nd– 6th and receive 10 points for every pound of candy you bring in.

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