6 Awesome Treatment Options [After Braces Come off]

You remember the days when you wore braces. At first, you may have felt as though you were the only kid in school with braces on, but slowly, all of your friends started to make regular visits to the orthodontist as well. Yet a major difference exists between them and you. They are happy with their results, and you are still staring in the mirror wondering what is wrong with your teeth.


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Opting for Treatment Again

Some people will you that you cannot receive treatment if you’ve worn braces in the past, but that is completely inaccurate. Just because you had braces when you were younger does not preclude you from obtaining them as an adult. Of course, the ability to obtain braces does require a visit to the orthodontist. This professional can let you know whether braces are the right solution for you now or if you need to follow another course of treatment. The corrective process for your teeth depends upon what the current issue is. However, the short answer is yes, people can get braces or further treatment even if they have worn them in the past.

Encouraging Retainer and Headgear Usage

Perhaps you only recently had your braces removed, or maybe your children were wearing them. You just had them taken off, or your kids had them removed. In any case, you aren’t happy with what you see. However, as the professional will likely tell you, wearing the retainer or headgear is part of the process. Remember, the teeth have spent a decent amount of time covered by braces. Therefore, they need to adjust to their new state, and a retainer or headgear piece can help them to do that. Wearing these devices is part of the further treatment in which you are interested.


Understanding the Reason for Misaligned Teeth

You may feel angry toward your previous dental professionals. You may have put a great deal of time and money into your braces, and now, you just need to have them done all over again. While poor work could have caused your new dental problems, that is not the only reason. For example, your wisdom teeth may have grown in long after your braces were removed, thereby causing your teeth to shift again. You may have endured an oral disease, or maybe you were involved in an accident that did damage to your teeth. Different causes can act as the catalyst here. Also, when you reflect on the past, you may remember that you didn’t exactly follow your dentist’s aftercare instructions the first time that you had braces. That mistake could lead to your teeth shifting.

Knowing that Newer Options Exist

Also, you may feel as though the braces didn’t work the first time, so you don’t understand why you need to have them done yet again. However, keep in mind that many changes have come to fruition in recent years. You don’t have to get the exact same braces that you had in the past. Back when you were a kid, you probably went to the orthodontist’s office every few weeks to have new colors put on the braces.

While you loved that practice back then, that doesn’t quite seem like your style anymore. You may be eligible for Invisalign, and no one will ever know that you have braces. Another option is to have the braces put on the back of your teeth. If you feel self-conscious about wearing the same type of braces that you did as a kid, you can feel confident in knowing that other options are available. You must speak with the dental professional to find out if you qualify for them.


Recognizing Other Treatment Options Exist

You may also worry about what you will do if braces aren’t an option for you. Dental technology has advanced so much that the professionals can find a plan that makes sense for your needs.However, the exact course of treatment will depend upon your issue. For example, let’s say that you had perfectly straight teeth until your wisdom teeth came in. Once they grew in, they begin to cause misalignment of the teeth in the back of your mouth. The dental professional may decide that removing the wisdom teeth will help the teeth to move back into their normal spots. Instead of spending years with braces on your teeth again, you can have a simple removal process done. Also, the dental professional may discover that your teeth are misaligned because of an accident or injury and that the surgery can reverse the damage.

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Putting in Your Best Effort

No matter what type of treatment option you get, you want to make sure that you are putting in your best effort this time, especially if your first try with braces didn’t work because of mistakes that you made. Find out from the professional specifically what you can and cannot eat, and ask what method of brushing and flossing you should use to ensure that best success for your braces. Also, when the end of the road comes with your braces, you may very well need to wear a retainer or headgear again.

Instead of tossing these items aside and deciding that they aren’t important, make sure that you wear them. If you are trying to help your children avoid getting braces for the second time or if they are already on their second round, you should encourage them to also follow these routines. Remember, braces are not just only about aesthetics; they help you to have a healthy mouth, which is connected to the health of your being as a whole.

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6 Awesome Treatment Options [After Braces Come off]

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